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Video – Iran’s Crashing Currency Sparks Angry Protests at Tehran Bazaar

October 3rd, 2012 – As the Iranian currency continues to plummet as a result of the economic sanctions and failing economic policies of the ruling establishment, Tehran’s Bazaar, the heartbeat of Tehran’s economy went on strike today, Wednesday with various businesses closing for the day as owners and citizens gathered in groups chanting anti-government slogans.  Iran’s currency the Rial has hit an all time low, losing 1/3 of it’s value in the past week.
Eye witnesses report clashes between Iranian citizens and security forces in the vicinity of the Bazaar.   The Bazaar was closed and security forces used tear gas and batons to disperse angry crowds.  The following video was taken today at Tehran Bazaar:

Protest Spark at Tehran’s Bazaar as Iranians React to Crashing Currency