Our Parents Have Been Rendered Completely Incommunicado Warns Narges Mousavi


May 5th, 2014

We the children of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard remain completely in the dark with regards to the health and well being of our parents.

Our father underwent an angiography on Tuesday of last week. We were allowed to see our parents briefly the day after the procedure. They transferred our father back to house arrest shortly after the angiography was completed without access to a physician, nurse or medical equipment. We have had no contact whatsoever with our parents. We have not been allowed to call our father. We have not been granted visitation and are completely unaware of his medical condition.

Though hard to believe, the communication channel between the family and Akhtar Prison is currently non existent.

Source: Narges Mousavi’s Facebook
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ما فرزندان میر حسین موسوی و زهرا رهنورد در بی خبری مطلق نسبت به وضعیت پدر و مادر خود هستیم!

بعد از عمل آنژیوی پدر در روز سه شنبه هفته گذشته ما تنها روز بعد از آن پدر و مادر را ملاقات کردیم.( پدر را با فاصله کمی بعد از آنژیو به حصر خانگی بازگرداندند و البته بدون حضور هیچ دکتر و پرستاری و همچنین عدم وجود تجهیزات پزشکی )
هیچ تماسی…نه تلفنی و نه ملاقات با ایشان نداشته ایم. از وضعیت پزشکی ایشان مطلق بی خبریم.

شاید باور کردنی نباشد که هیچ کانال تماسی بین ما و آن طرف زندان اختر وجود ندارد.

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