“My Father’s Health Condition is Alarming,” Warns Narges Mousavi

Detained opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s daughter Narges posted a status on her facebook page today warning Iranians that her father’s health condition is alarming. Mousavi’s youngest daughter emphasized that both her mother and father had no particular ailments prior to their house arrest. Her post reads:

Our parents were put under house arrest without a warning in February of 2010, despite the fact that neither had been charged with a crime. My parents both experienced a significant amount of weight loss during the first three months of their house arrest and gradually started manifesting a variety of symptoms. I would like to reiterate that they were both in good health prior to their house arrest. My father has had to undergo two coronary angioplasties during this four year period. The first time the procedure was performed the family was informed. He was quickly dismissed from the hospital and taken back to house arrest following the first angioplasty, but an ambulance was continuously present outside Akhtar Street just in case his health took a turn for the worse. Father underwent his second angioplasty on Tuesday April 29th, 2014. This time the procedure took place without the family’s knowledge. He was taken to the hospital and rushed back to house arrest upon completion of the procedure without any of us having the opportunity to be present. He is now at Akhtar prison without access to any medical equipment. With the exception of a short phone call that took place upon completion of the second procedure and after warnings by hospital physicians that he was in dire need of medical attention, the family has been kept in the dark with regards to his condition. Our father’s health condition is alarming!

نرگس موسوی: وضعیت سلامتی پدرم هشدارآمیز است.


وضعيت سلامتي پدر هشدار آميز است.شرايط جسمي پدر و مادر پيش از شروع حبس خانگي خوب بود. مشكل خاصي وجود نداشت.از بهمن سال ١٣٨٩ حبس خانگي بدون مقدمه و حكم شروع شد. در ابتدا شاهد كاهش وزن غير عادي آن دودر مدت كمتر از سه ماه بوديم و بعد كم كم علائم بيماري هاي مختلف خودشان را آشكار كردند.تاكيد مي كنم كه هر دو پيش از شروع حصر از شرايط جسماني خوبي برخوردار بودند. پدر دو بار در اين مدت آنژيو شد. بار اول با اطلاع خانواده بود و جنبه درماني داشت. بعد از انتقال سريع ايشان به منزل يك آمبولانس مجهز به مدت چند روز در كوچه اختر حضور مستمر داشت براي هر اتفاق نابه هنگامي بعد از آنژيو.

آنژيو براي بار دوم در روز سه شنبه ٩ ارديبهشت ١٣٩٣ انجام شد. اين بار بدون اطلاع خانواده. در غربت و تنهايي و حبس. بدون دادن ملاقات بعد از شوك شنيدن اين آنژيوي ناگهاني. انتقال سريع پدر از بيمارستان به خانه. عدم وجود تجهيزات پزشكي در حبس اختر … بي اطلاعي خانواده از شرايط جسمي پدر و دريغ از يك تماس تلفني با ايشان جهت آگاهي از حال پدر بعد ازآنژيو در روزهاي بعد و حال بد پدر و تشخيص پزشكان براي بازيابي توان قلب. وضعيت سلامتي پدر هشدار آميز است


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