Narges Mousavi “I am more determined than ever to pursue the violated legal rights of my parents”


February 11th, 2013 [Kaleme Zahra Sadr] – Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s daughter Narges Mousavi describes the events that led to the raid of her home by security agents and her subsequent arrest, interrogation and eventual release after a few hours as follows: “This morning my 4 year old son and I were going to work when four or five big built men and a women suddenly showed up in front of my car and forced me back into the house so they could search the premises.”

Narges Mousavi describes the manner in which she was arrested as unexpectedly violent with the security agents threatening even to kill her adding: “I asked them to present a court order which they did. I believe it was from the prosecutor’s office. I had seen one of the male security agents before in front of Akhtar street. He lifted his had to strike me in the face. He paid no attention to [Islamic] codes of conduct that require that he avoid physical contact with me given that he is a man. In fact the men held my hands and took me with them. They completely ransacked my home, refusing to spare even my son’s room.”

Narges Mousavi emphasized that she will try to publish pictures of the condition of the rooms and the house after the raid by the security agents stating: “My son was extremely shaken and terrified by the ongoing arguments and tension. I don’t have anyone any more. My parents are in prison. Imagine a woman alone with her four year old son and eight other men and a woman. Following a verbal altercation one of the security officers told me that if it was up to him, he would push me out of the window of the building right there. All of this happened in front of my four year old son so I yelled back and told him that he had no right to do such a thing. They took all my electronic devices with them. They also confiscated a number of my personal notes, my MP4, my laptop, iPad and cell phone.”

While reiterating the insulting manner in which she and her son were treated during the interrogation process Narges Mousavi continued: “He not only threatened to beat me and lifted his hand to strike my face, but also threatened to kill me. There were pictures of us without our customary Islamic dress code in the house and when I protested and demanded that he refrain from looking at pictures of my sisters and I without hijab, they only ignored my request and ridiculed me. They took me to the prosecutor’s office at Evin prison and kept me waiting for two hours. They then wrote a series of questions down and demanded answers. They delayed the process on purpose and kept us there until four in the afternoon without offering us any food or water.”

The youngest daughter of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard added: “They kept asking: :How do you contact the Kaleme website?” It was clear that this issue bothered them and was a sensitive subject. I stated that my contact with Kaleme was through email or at times by phone. I reiterated that Kaleme and the news they publish is completely acceptable to us. They asked me: “Why do you insist that your parents’ detention is illegal when it is absolutely not illegal and the concerned parties have confirmed this fact?” I wrote in response that when none of the entities within the ruling establishment have responded to our inquiries and every international organization and our civil society have expressed criticism over the current situation while the ruling establishment remains silent, that means that what has occurred is illegal. The current situation is illegal in my eyes, in the eyes of the people, in the eyes of God and the world at large!”

Mousavi’s daughter concluded: “In the end we were calmly escorted back home. The interrogation process at the house and the prosecutor’s office was nevertheless very stressful. While at the prosecutor’s office an argument ensued between myself and one of the security agents and he pushed me out of the room and took me to another room, forcing me to sit on a chair. His behavior was humiliating and filled with malice, though he later apologized. What upset me the most was that we were taken to a place where addicts are also detained. I was placed next to a man that had been been detained that morning for possessing two kilos of Crystal Meth. As the daughter of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard I am more determined that ever to pursue the violated legal rights of my parents.”

Source: Kaleme:


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