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Mir Hossein Mousavi’s Daughters: “We don’t feel safe. We fear for our lives and the safety of our children!”

Mousavi & Rahnavard2[Translator’s Note: For the first time in four years opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s daughters provide a detailed and candid account of their predicament in the past four years and the continued unjust pressure by the ruling establishment that culminated in their recent short arrest and subsequent summoning to Evin court scheduled for this week-end. I humbly ask my human rights colleagues to read and disseminate this interview for it only sheds more light on the continued human rights violations  and in particular the manner in which the families of political prisoners are being punished in Iran at the hands of an unjust judiciary and oppressive ruling establishment.]

February 14th, 2013 [Kaleme] Following the recent arrest, interrogation, release and further summoning of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s daughters to Evin Court, Zahra, Narges and Kokab Mousavi provide a detailed account of their ordeal, revealing intimate information about their lives and the effects of the pressure by the ruling establishment on their families.

“We don’t have a sense of security.  In our current predicament, they could suddenly appear at our bedside while we sleep. How can we have any security when they are free to take us to an undisclosed location without us knowing what individual or entity is responsible for such an act?  Given these gentlemen’s reputation, we are concerned for [the safety and well being] of our children.  They once called me and began threatening me in front of my father. Who is to say that they won’t treat our children the same way?  We are concerned for our children’s safety.  The other issue is their total disregard for morality and ethics. The laptops they confiscated belong to women and contain photos, images and writings and memories that are personal and should be respected for they fall under the realm of personal privacy.” explained Zahra Mousavi.

Zahra’s sister Narges added: “As we enter into the third year of this illegal house arrest, perhaps they [the ruling establishment] are fearful of people being reminded of our parents’ detention and as such have increased the pressure and restrictions.  This type of behavior is bound to have a price for all those involved.  Our father’s predictions regarding the current conditions have now been proven to all.  The truth is that our father never wanted any votes, nor was in interested in power. His only concern was the damage to humanity and human dignity. This is what pained our father the most. When we look at the critical conditions facing our nation, the economic challenges and the financial hardships endured by our people we are all reminded of what Mousavi predicted.  His crime was that he worried about such matters and has paid the price by being under house arrest for two years.”

On Monday  February 18th, 2013, the homes of the daughters of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard,  Narges and Zahra Mousavi were raided by security agents following a violent search that led to the confiscation of their personal property and their arrest for several hours.  On the same day opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi’s eldest son Mohammad Hossein Karroubi was also arrested for several hours.

In their latest interview, Zahra, Narges and Kokab Mousavi provide an account of the increased security pressures exerted upon their family, describing their current predicament and expressing a severe concern for their safety and the safety of their parents while reiterating that in their opinion informing the public is the most effective and productive tool at their disposal.

The complete content of the discussion with Mousavi and Rahnavard’s daughters is as follows:

Please describe the new wave of pressure and restrictions imposed upon your family.

Zahra Mousavi: “On Monday they entered our house using their customary tricks.  I immediately immersed my laptop under water because I wanted to make sure that our family pictures, particularly those in which we are not wearing our customary Islamic dress code (hijab) would not fall in the hand of a Namahram [Forbidden to be exposed to under Islam]. A number of men accompanied by one woman, raided our home. They kept repeating that a woman was with them as though that fact some how automatically provided them with a permit to enter. Upon searching our home, they confiscating everything they could find including a number of books and a laptop.  I was then told to accompany them to Evin.  We entered Evin from the back door.  I believe they had not coordinated our arrival and we waited in the yard for around half an hour and eventually they took me to an interrogation room.  The questions they asked me centered mostly around Kaleme website; a media outlet they were particularly sensitive to and referred to as anti-revolutionary; a claim that I rejected for they were obviously looking for a pretext to associate us with anti-revolutionary forces.  Our parents approve of the Kaleme website and it goes without saying that we support everything our parents endorse. They were also sensitive to the joint statement we published with Mehdi Karroubi’s son.  In general they referred to the publication of our statements as spreading lies. They raised issue with the fact that we had used words such as “rigged elections”, “kidnapping” and “illegal house arrest” in our statements and kept asking why we use such terms.  During the questioning, they suddenly made an about face and the gentleman who had earlier entered into an altercation with my sister returned and stated that they do not wish to see these scenes repeated for they too have morals adding that they wish to uphold human dignity (exactly the terms our father used).  I was then asked to provide a written affidavit that if summoned by phone I would appear in court. They said that Kokab had also engaged in spreading lies and would be contacted as well. Narges and I then spoke by phone. We were both worried about Kokab being summoned. We talked about what we would do if they harassed our sister and it look as though the new summons are reactions to our discussions.”

Narges Mousavi: “On Monday as I was getting ready to go to work with my son, a car stopped us and several men and a woman stated that they have a search warrant, taking us back to our home.  I felt very unsafe. I wanted to scream so people would know what was going on when one of the men pushed me inside the house. I injured my hand and was very distressed by his behavior.  One of them lifted his hand and said: “I will slap you so hard that all your teeth will fall out.” This all took place in front my four year old son. They searched and ransacked the entire house, confiscating a number of items such as 150 CDs, two laptops, two cameras, an iPad and three cell phones.  I plan to file an official complaint for these were our personal belongings and have not been returned despite the fact that they said they would return them by the same afternoon.  Their behavior was so inhumane that even when I gave my terrified four year old the iPad to calm him down, they yanked it out of his hands.  They threatened to kill me in front of my child.  When they were searching the house one of the men told me that if it were up to him, he would push me out the window of the building. When they were searching the house they found an old Bible amongst the other books and took it with them as an evidence of crime. They were so busy looking at each other triumphantly that they didn’t even realize that there was a Koran on the bookshelf as well.  There were a few CDs in the CD stack that had been scribbled on by my son.  They peered at each other again and also took them as evidence of crime.  I want to emphasize that we feel a sense of insecurity when it comes to our life sand the lives of our children.  Their sudden raid of a single mom’s home is unethical and this type of behavior is violation of an individual’s personal privacy.”

Did this individuals look familiar to you?

Narges Mousavi: “Yes, the gentleman who insulted me was an Intelligence Ministry employee. He used to sit in a white van in front of Akhtar Street in the early days of our parents’ house arrest.  I even asked him if he was the same person who used to sit in a white van in front of their house and he obnoxiously responded that he was.”

Did they show you a warrant? Did they tell you which government entity they were affiliated with?

Narges Mousavi: “Yes they showed me a warrant from the prosecutor’s office.  We were however told later by an informed source that it had been issued by the president’s office.  That is why we have doubts about the warrant and it’s source.”

Zahra Mousavi: “They showed me a letter from Evin court, but the gentlemen who entered my home had no identity cards. They were the supposed renowned solders of Imam Mahdi, who in reality have acted as the anonymous enemies of the last Imam and as always it was unclear which entity they were affiliated with. We truly have no idea who we are dealing with.”

How would you characterize the differences between this incident and incidents in the past?

Narges Mousavi: “After the elections our dealing were always with the Intelligence Ministry and the IRGC, but this time it was unclear which entity we were dealing with.  In the past they threatened us with statements such as “perhaps you’ll be run over by a car one day on the street, or you’ll suddenly fall ill”, or they would threaten our kids. Their behavior was nevertheless slightly better, though one night they called my sister in front of my dad and began interrogating her on the phone, an act that extremely angered my father who protested: “There is no culture or religion in which a daughter is interrogated in front of her father.” In the past their behavior was never this bad.  There had never been any verbal abuse, physical threats and pushing. ”

Kokab Mousavi:  “The key issue is that we report these incidents to the news media. On Monday when they arrested Zahra and Narges they told them to pack for they were not coming back any time soon.  Their arrest was reported right away, resulting in their release. If their arrest had not been reported perhaps they would still be detained.  The dissemination of information is very important and must continue.”

How have the passed two years effected your lives? Describe the problems and challenges in your day to day activities.

Narges Mousavi: “Following my parents’ detention, my ex husband was repeatedly taken and interrogated. These incidents created challenges in our marriage. They threatened and interrogated him at least once a week. They pressured him into a divorce. They even asked him why he was not taking a Sigheh [temporary marriage endorsed under Islam] and said other similar things that frankly I am embarrassed to repeat here. These types of incidents resulted in our divorce and every time I complained about their behavior they told me to try and prove it if I can.   To make a long story short, it began with my ex husband being interrogated, my brother-in-law beaten, my sister who have a PhD and is a university professor losing her job. I myself had no job security. Each time I started a new job they would create chaos and disorder by reeking havoc at my office and amongst my co-workers.  This time around their goal is to once again harass us through a new round of arrests and interrogations . We don’t know who to complain to. We don’t even know what they have in store for us on the day we arrive in court for our next interrogation process. It is unclear if we will even be allowed to go back home.  We are extremely worried for our safety, though we always thank God and believe that nothing is absolute when you embark on a journey. Our father taught us that every process must takes its course.”

Why have you been banned from seeing your parents? How long has it been since your last visit with them?

Narges Mousavi: “It has been close to three months since our last visit with them . During our last visit, the security agents informed us that Zahra will not be allowed to attend. My father responded that either all three of us will come together or none of us will come. After that they began fabricating legal cases against us.  They also banned all telephone contact. In the past three months we have not even been allowed to hear our parents’ voices by phone.”

Zahra Mousavi: “They had told us that if we inform the public about our parents’ situation we will be banned from visiting them.  Following the publication of one of our statements we were informed that our visitation rights had been revoked because we had published news regarding our parents.  They added that if we continue charges will be filed against us and they have now acted upon that threat.”

Have you been informed about their physical condition and well being?

Narges Mousavi: “We have no information what so ever. My father did not have any issues with his heart prior to his house arrest and yet after his illegal house arrest he developed a heart condition.  We have no information on my mother’s health either. Every time we complain and demand access to their medical files, such as the results of blood work, they respond that it would be publishing lies and disturbing public order. Don’t we have a right to know about our parents’ physical health? During the last visit with our parents my mother informed us that “the conditions here are worse than Guantanamo”.  We have no idea what our parents have been through these past two months that has led our mother to describe their condition as worse than Guantanamo, placing the blame for their physical ailments on those responsible for their detention (and it is still unclear which entity within the ruling establishment ordered their house arrest). My mother said: ” We don’t know what they have been feeding us that has made us ill.” They were both healthy prior to their house arrest.  They had no medical condition or physical ailments. They are responsible for our parents’ lives.  We are very uncertain when it comes to their physical condition.”

It was reported that you were recently informed unexpectedly that you will need to provide their food. Can you please clarify?

Narges Mousavi:  “When we initially asked to provide them with food they did not allow it, claiming that we might try to poison them! A while back, however they informed us that they will no longer be shopping for them (it goes without saying that my parents were paying for the food that was bought) and that we needed to provide the food. The last time we delivered groceries to them we also included other items such as paper and a platter made by a famous brand that was still in its original packaging. Later we realized that they had never delivered it to them. When we asked them why, they informed us that it had been taken to a laboratory for testing! We still have no idea what story they plan to concoct regarding that platter!”

What in your opinion is the cause of the current behavior and pressure by the ruling establishment?

Kokab Mousavi: “One of the issues at hand is their reputation and the events that occurred at the shrine of Hazrate Masoumeh in the city of Qom. [reference to a recent visit by the head of the Judiciary Larijani on the occasion of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, when Larijani was forced to leave the shrine after being attacked by Ahmadinejad supporters who threw shoes and prayer stones at him.] They wish to divert attention from such events and as a result are creating a series of new events. The other issue is the upcoming presidential elections.  They don’t want any noise created and are keeping everyone quiet through suppression and terror.  They also want to make sure that our parents are silenced so that people enter a state of lethargy and forgetfulness.”

Zahra Mousavi: “The country is in crisis. In addition to denying this crisis they seek to hide it through creating diversions. In reality they should be resolving the issues facing the nation and allow the citizens to live in peace. Behavior such as raiding people’s homes and creating terror and fear amongst families is neither ethical nor will it lead to any positive results. They sew the seeds of anger and hatred with their behavior and this type of condition will not lead to positive results for them in the long run.  In the past two years we have come to realize that they operate without a predefined and well thought through plan. Their domestic and foreign agenda to create pressure is devised with a short term view. My father always emphasized that the protests were not any form of sedition or uprising but rather a large social movement. These are my father’s exact words. By stating  them we are not spreading lies.”

Narges Mousavi:  “As we enter into the third year of this illegal house arrest, they may have increased the pressure because they are fearful that the public may be reminded of it. This type of behavior will without doubt have negative consequences for all involved parties.  Our father’s predictions regarding the current conditions have been proven to be correct.  The truth is that our father never wanted any votes, nor was in interested in power. His only concern was the damage to humanity and human dignity. This is what pained our father the most. When we look at the critical conditions facing our nation, the economic challenges and the financial hardships endured by our people we are all reminded of what Mousavi predicted.  His crime was that he worried about such matters and has paid the price by being under house arrest for two years.”

You made references to Mir Hossein’s concerns regarding the conditions in Iran.  He had stepped aside from politics for 20 years watching the events from the outside. Why did he decide to reenter the political arena?

Narges Mousavi: “When a storm is coming from afar, someone looking at it from above can predict its arrival. My father could see the approach of the storm; the storm that is currently destroying and leveling everything around it. He felt a sense of responsibility towards saving our country and protecting our people and as a result decided to re-enter the political scene. Everyone knows that he walked away from politics years ago and had no desire for power. After the protests began he only reiterated that he wished to stand with the people. They accused him of many things and if you ask me it is their behavior that what should be defined as spreading lies and disturbing public order.”

Did Mousavi predict the current situation when he entered the political scene?

Narges Mousavi: “When my father re-entered the political scene  he prepared himself for every eventuality, much like a closed box whose content people are unaware of.  Although my father is an artist and a kind human being, he is nevertheless capable of a unique form of strength and perseverance. I myself was often afraid of this strength of character and charisma. It is because of these characteristics that he is able to remain steadfast and patient. I view patience as the means to achieving justice. As the saying goes, rights cannot be handed out but rather must be demanded. One must demand ones rights. One must not remain silent, even if it means having to pay a price.  My father always said that we must all take steps towards achieving justice and that it is an evolutionary process that will get us to our ultimate goals. My mother and father are friends and soul mates. They have always supported each other in all areas. They are in many ways inseparable. One of my mother’s admirable characteristics is her courage and tenacity. She has always demonstrated endurance under pressure. It is because of her mental strength that despite the difficulties and pressure I keep telling myself that I am the daughter of Zahra Rahnavard and as such I can tolerate it all.  In the past two years, every time she saw us she would say: “Be patient, be strong.”  We miss her and are worried.”

What are your main concerns and demands?

Narges Mousavi: Our first and foremost demand is the immediate release of our parents.  We would also like to have explanations regarding the actions that have been taken, for to date not one entity [within the ruling establishment] has accepted responsibility for their detention.  Each time we have followed up on this issue they have provided us with a different response.  First they say it is the prosecutor’s office, then the Revolutionary Court , the Intelligence Ministry, the IRGC , the Office of the Supreme Leader and we still don’t know who is responsible for our parents’ house arrest.  Shouldn’t someone in this country finally explain this illegal, illegitimate, immoral and un-Islamic detention? Tell us what they have done and what the charges are against them.  My mother is a scholar and university professor who can play a positive role in scientific developments within our society. Our father is a well known political and revolutionary figure whose presence could be effective in the critical conditions we are traversing today. Why should they be under house arrest for two years?”

Zahra Mousavi:  “We have no news of our parents.  We have neither spoken to them by phone, nor have we been allowed to visit them.  When they treat those of us who are in the public eye in such a manner, how do we expect them to treat our imprisoned parents? We don’t have a sense of security.  Given our predicament, someone could suddenly appear at our bedside while we sleep. How can we have any security when they are free to take us to an undisclosed location without us knowing what individual or entity is responsible for such an act?  Given these gentlemen’s reputation, we are concerned for [the safety and well being] of our children.  They once called me and began threatening me in front of my father. Who is to say that they won’t treat our children in the same manner?  We are concerned for our children’s safety.  The other issue at hand is their lack of respect for morality and ethics. The laptops they confiscated belong to women and contain photos, images and writings and memories that are personal and should be respected as a result of personal privacy.

Source: Kaleme


روایت دختران میرحسین از برخوردهای چند روز اخیر

«دستش را بالا برد و گفت چنان می زنم توی دهانت که دندان هایت بریزد»



پنجشنبه, ۲۶ بهمن, ۱۳۹۱

چکیده :ما امنیت نداریم از کجا بدانیم که شب خوابیدیم یکدفعه کسی بالای سرمان نیاید؟ چه امنیتی داریم که وقتی جایی می برند بدانیم کجاست و تحت نظارت چه ارگانی است؟ ما نگران فرزندانمان هستیم با توجه به سابقه ای که از آقایان دیدیم. برای من این مساله پیش آمد، جلوی پدرم به من زنگ زدند و شروع به تهدید کردند. وقتی اینکار را می کنند آیا ممکن نیست این بلا را سر فرزندانمان بیاورند؟/ بیشترین حساسیت آنها روی سایت کلمه بود؛ در صورتی که سایت کلمه مورد تایید پدر و مادر ما است. حساسیت دیگرشان این بود که با پسر آقای مهدی کروبی چگونه بیانیه نوشتیم. می گفتند چرا واژه مهندسی انتخابات و آدم ربایی را در بیانیه آوردید؟…


زهرا موسوی دختر میرحسین  می گوید: ما امنیت نداریم از کجا بدانیم که شب خوابیدیم یکدفعه کسی بالای سرمان نیاید؟ چه امنیتی داریم که وقتی جایی می برند بدانیم کجاست و تحت نظارت چه ارگانی است؟ ما نگران فرزندانمان هستیم با توجه به سابقه ای که از آقایان دیدیم. برای من این مساله پیش آمد، جلوی پدرم به من زنگ زدند و شروع به تهدید کردند. وقتی اینکار را می کنند آیا ممکن نیست این بلا را سر فرزندانمان بیاورند؟ ما نگران امنیت جانی فرزندانمان هستیم. مساله دیگر این است که اخلاقیات رعایت می شود لپ تاپ های ما لپ تاپ های یک خانم است، عکس و تصویر و نوشته های شخصی و خاطراتی ممکن است در آن باشد که حریم خصوصی شخص محسوب می شود.


در همین حال نرگس موسوی نیز در خصوص بازداشت اخیر گفته است: به هر حال در آستانه سومین سال این حبس غیر قانونی شاید یادآوری این حبس است که فشارها را افزایش داده اند. این برخوردها قطعا برای همه هزینه دارد. از سوی دیگر حقانیت پیش بینی های پدر در مورد شرایط امروز به همه اثبات شده است. واقعیت این است که آنچه پدر ما می خواست نه رای و نه قدرت بود. او تنها نگران فقدان انسانیت و فقدان کرامت انسانی بود. این درد پدر ما بود. با این شرایط بحرانی کشور و وضعیت اقتصادی و مشکلات معیشتی مردم همه یادشان می آید که میر حسین موسوی همه اینها را پیش بینی کرده و نگران بود و به جرم همین الان دو سال است که در حبس بسر می برد.


روز دوشنبه (۲۳ بهمن) نرگس و زهرا موسوی فرزندان میرحسین موسوی و زهرا رهنورد برای ساعاتی بازداشت شدند و ماموران امنیتی با برخوردهایی خشونت بار اقدام به تجسس منزل آنان و ضبط لوازم شخصی شان کردند. در همین روز حسین کروبی فرزند مهدی کروبی دیگر رهبر جنبش سبز نیز برای ساعاتی بازداشت شد. جرس در مصاحبه با نرگس، زهرا و کوکب موسوی از آنان درباره فشارهای جدید امنیتی پرسیده و روایت های آنان از وضعیت فعلی شان را بازتاب داده است. آنان در این گفتگو از احساس ناامنی شدید برای خود و والدینشان گفته اند و اطلاع رسانی درباره این وضعیت را مفیدترین راه ممکن دانسته اند.



متن کامل این گفت و گو به شرح زیر است:



لطفا از آغاز دوره جدید فشارها و برخوردها صحبت بفرمایید؟



زهرا موسوی: صبح روز دوشنبه با ترفند های همیشگی خودشان چند آقا وارد منزل شدند. من لپ تاپم را سریع زیر آب گذاشتم تا عکسهای خانوادگی و بی حجاب به دست نامحرم نیفتد. اول یک آقایی وارد شد. گفتم حجاب ندارم که گفت سرم را آنطرف می کنم و یک چیزی سرت بینداز. تا آمدم اینکار را بکنم، یکدفعه چند تا مرد به خانه ریختند و یک خانم هم همراهشان بود و مدام می گفتند خانم همراهمان است، انگار سند و مجوزشان بود. بعد از بازرسی منزل یکسری از وسایل از جمله کتاب و لپ تاپ و هرچه بود جمع کردند و گفتند برویم. از در پشتی اوین داخل شدیم البته مثل اینکه هماهنگی صورت نگرفته بود و نیم ساعت در حیاط بودیم تا بالاخره گذاشتند بالا برویم و در یک اتاق بازجویی شروع شد. بیشترین حساسیت آنها روی سایت کلمه بود که به قول خودشان سایت ضدانقلاب است و ما قبول نکردیم زیرا دنبال این هستند که بهانه بتراشند و ما را به ضد انقلاب وصل کنند؛ در صورتیکه سایت کلمه مورد تایید پدر و مادر ما است و هرچه آنها تایید کنند ما قبول داریم. حساسیت دیگرشان این بود که با پسر آقای مهدی کروبی چگونه بیانیه نوشتیم. در کل می گفتند نشر اکاذیب کردید و چرا واژه مهندسی انتخابات و آدم ربایی را در بیانیه آوردید؟ چرا می گویید حصرغیر قانونی است؟ خلاصه این بازجویی ادامه داشت تا اینکه رفتارشان کاملا تغییر کرد و مردی که با خواهرم درگیر شده بود آمد و گفت ما نمی خواهیم این صحنه ها تکرار شود و ما هم اخلاق داریم و می خواهیم کرامت انسانی (دقیقا همین واژه هایی که پدر ما استفاده می کرد) رعایت شود. بعد از ما قول شفاهی گرفتند که اگر زنگ زدند و ما را خواستند، برویم. گفتند کوکب هم نشر اکاذیب کرده و سراغ او هم خواهند رفت. بعد من و نرگس تلفنی با هم حرف می زدیم و از احضار کوکب ناراحت بودیم و با هم می گفتیم اگر بخواهند خواهرمان را اذیت کنند اینکار را می کنیم که گویا احضارها در واکنش به این مسئله است.


نرگس موسوی: روز دوشنبه زمانیکه داشتم بهمراه پسرم سر کار می رفتم یک ماشین جلوی ما نگه داشت و چند نفر مرد و یک زن گفتند حکم بازرسی داریم و ما را با خود به منزلمان بردند. بعد خیلی احساس ناامنی کردم و می خواستم داد بزنم و مردم را خبر کنم که یکی از آقایون من را هل داد داخل. بطوریکه دستم آسیب دید و نسبت به این برخوردشان خیلی عصبی شده بودم. یکی از آنها دستش را بالا برد و گفت چنان می زنم توی دهانت که دندانهایت بریزد داخل دهانت. تمام این برخوردها جلوی چشم پسر چهار ساله من صورت گرفت. تمام خانه را به شکل وحشتناکی زیر و رو کردند و مقداری وسایل از جمله صد و پنجاه عدد سی دی، دو تا لپ تاپ، دو تا دوربین، آی پد و سه تا موبایل با خود بردند. حالا تصمیم دارم شکایت هم کنم زیرا اینها اموال شخصی هستند و هنوز پس نداده اند. در حالیکه به من گفتند تا عصر بر می گردانیم. آقایان به حدی رفتار غیرانسانی داشتند که حتی زمانیکه پسرم وحشت زده شده بود، آی پد را دادم تا بازی کند اما آی پد را از دستش کشیدند. من را جلوی چشم فرزندم تهدید به قتل کردند. زمانیکه داشتند خانه را تفتیش می کردند یکی از همان آقایان به من گفت اگر دست او بود از ساختمان من را پایین پرت می کرد. نکته قابل توجه دیگر این است که در بازرسی که از منزل کردند در میان کتابها یک انجیل قدیمی را به عنوان مدرک جرم برداشتند و پیروزمندانه به هم نگاه می کردند و اصلا متوجه قرآن که میان کتابها بود نشدند. یا میان سی دی ها چند تا سی دی بود که پسرم روی آن خط خطی کرده بود و باز آنها به هم نگاه کردند و سی دی ها را به عنوان مدرک جرم برداشتند.

باز تاکید می کنم ما احساس ناامنی برای خود و فرزندانمان می کنیم. هجوم آنها به خانه یک مادرِ تنها اخلاقی نیست و اینگونه رفتارها تجاوز به حریم خصوصی است.



چهره این افراد برای شما آشنا بود؟


نرگس موسوی: بله، آن آقایی که توهین کرد شخصی بود که جزو نیروهای اطلاعات بود و روزهای اول حصر در ون سفید جلوی کوچه اختر می نشست. حتی از او پرسیدم شما همان شخص نیستید که جلوی خانه پدرم در ون سفید بودید؟ که با وقاحت پاسخ داد آره همان هستم.


حکمی هم به شما نشان دادند و معلوم بود از سوی چه ارگانی هستند؟

نرگس موسوی: بله، حکم دادگستری را به من نشان دادند. اما یک منبع موثق بعد به ما گفت از طرف دفتر ریاست جمهوری بوده است. بخاطر همین در خصوص حکم تردید دارم.

زهرا موسوی: یک نامه ای به من نشان دادند که از سوی دادسرای اوین بود اما آقایانی که وارد شدند اصلا کارت نداشتند همان سربازان گمنام امام زمان در حقیقت دشمنان گمنام امام زمان بودند و معلوم نیست به کدام ارگان وابسته هستند و واقعا نمی دانیم با چه کسانی روبرو هستیم؟



تفاوت این برخورد با برخوردهایی که قبلا با شما داشتند چه بود؟


نرگس موسوی: بعد از انتخابات به اشکال مختلف با ما برخورد می کردند و همیشه تحت عنوان اطلاعات یا سپاه بوده است اما اینبار ما نمی دانیم چه ارگانی مسئول این برخوردهاست. قبلا تهدید می کردند و می گفتند شاید یکدفعه در خیابان ماشین زیرتان کرد یا شاید مریضی سختی گرفتید. خلاصه از این تهدیدها که بچه هایمان هم پیش از این تهدید می شدند. اما باز رفتارشان کمی بهتر بود هر چند که یکشب جلوی پدرم زنگ زدند به خواهرم و شروع به بازجویی تلفنی کردند که پدرم بشدت عصبانی شدند و گفتند در هیچ فرهنگ و دینی نداریم که دختر را جلوی پدرش بازجویی کنند. اما هیچوقت به این شکل که فحاشی و تهدید کنند و هل دهند، نبوده است.

کوکب موسوی: چیزی که در این میان مهم است و در مقابل این برخوردها باید صورت گیرد اطلاع رسانی است. روز دوشنبه که زهرا و نرگس را بازداشت کردند به آنها گفتند لباس ها و لوازم شخصی اتان را بردارید زیرا به این زودی ها بر نمی گردید. اما بعد از بازداشت آنها سریع اطلاع رسانی شد و این باعث شد که آنها را آزاد کنند وگرنه شاید هنوز آنها را نگه می داشتند. اطلاع رسانی بسیار مهم است و باید ادامه پیدا کند.



در طی این دو سال چه مشکلات و اختلالاتی در زندگی شما ایجاد کردند؟


نرگس موسوی: پیش از شروع حصر پدر و مادرم، همسر سابقم را بطور مکرر می بردند و بازجویی می کردند. بخاطر همین برخوردها مشکلاتی در زندگی مشترک ما ایجاد کردند. تقریبا هفته ای یکبار او را بازجویی می بردند و تهدیدش می کردند. به او برای طلاق فشار می آوردند. حتی به او می گفتند چرا زن صیغه ای نمی گیری و یکسری حرفهایی که از گفتن آن شرم دارم و بازگویی آن را در شان خود نمی دانم. این برخوردها منجر به طلاق ما شد و زمانیکه اعتراض کردم به اینگونه برخوردها جواب می دادند بیا اثبات کن. خلاصه از بازجویی همسر سابقم شروع شد تا کتک زدن شوهر خواهرم و اخراج خواهرم که دارای دکتراست و یک استاد دانشگاه بود و به این نحو کنار زده شد. خود من هم امنیت شغلی نداشتم. هر وقت که کاری را شروع می کردم اختلال ایجاد می کردند و برای همکاران و در محیط کار مزاحمت برایم ایجاد می کردند.

الان هم با هدف آزار و اذیت ما یک دور جدیدی از بازجویی ها و فشارها آغاز شده و نمی دانیم فریادمان را باید به کجا برسانیم. نمی دانیم روزی که باید خودمان را به دادسرا معرفی کنیم چه بازجویی و برنامه ای برایمان دارند. اصلا نمی دانیم شب برمی گردیم یا نگهمان می دارند، به شدت نگران امنیت خود هستیم. اگرچه ما همیشه خدا را شکر می کنیم و می گویم در مسیر خیر مطلق است. این چیزی است که پدر به ما آموزش داده که هر چیزی در مسیر خیر و تکامل خودش است.



علت ممانعت از دیدار شما با پدر و مادرتان چیست و آخرین باری که با آنها ملاقات داشتید به چه زمانی بر می گردد؟


نرگس موسوی: تقریبا سه ماه پیش. در آخرین ملاقات ماموران گفتند زهرا اجازه ندارد به ملاقات بیاید. پدر هم گفتند یا هر سه با هم می آیند یا هیچکدام. بعد از آن هم آقایان شروع به پرونده سازی برای ما کردند. تلفنها را هم ممنوع کردند یعنی ما الان سه ماه است که حتی صدای پدر و مادرمان را هم نشنیده ایم.

زهرا موسوی: اینها به ما گفته بودند که اگر از وضعیت پدر و مادرتان خبری بدهید شما را ممنوع الملاقات می کنیم. بعد یکبار گفتند از پدر و مادر خبر رسانی کردیم و بنابراین ممنوع الملاقات هستیم. آنها گفتند اگر ادامه دهید، مورد پیگرد قضایی قرار می گیرید که می بینیم این تهدید خود را عملی کردند.



از وضعیت جسمانی آنها اطلاعی دارید؟


نرگس موسوی: هیچ اطلاعی نداریم. پدر من پیش از حصر هیچ مشکل قلبی نداشت و بعد از این حبس غیر قانونی به بیماری قلبی دچار شدند. از وضعیت سلامت مادرم هم هیچ اطلاعی نداریم. زمانیکه شکایت می کنیم و می خواهیم پرونده پزشکی آنها را ببینیم مثلا آزمایش خون آنها را نشانمان بدهند. می گویند نشر اکاذیب و تشویش اذهان عمومی! یعنی ما حق نداریم از وضعیت جسمی پدر و مادرمان باخبر شویم. در آخرین دیداری که با پدر و مادرمان داشتیم مادرم گفتند که “اینجا از گواتنامو بدتر است”. ما نمی دانیم در این دو سال چه گذشته که مادرم می گوید از گواتنامو بدتر است و مسئول بیماریشان زندانبانان اند (که هنوز نمی دانیم از سوی چه ارگانی هستند) مادرم می گفتند نمی دانیم چه به ما خوراندند و یا چکاری کرده اند که مریض شدیم. در حالیکه پیش از حبس خانگی سالم بودند و هیچ مشکل جسمانی نداشتند. اینها مسئول جان پدر و مادر ما هستند و کاملا در خصوص وضعیت جسمانی آنها ابهام داریم.



جدیدا هم گویا بطور ناگهانی گفته اند خود شما غذا تهیه کنید، می توانید در این زمینه برای ما بگویید؟


نرگس موسوی: ما وقتی می خواستیم برای آنها غذا ببریم قبول نمی کردند و می گفتند نه احتمال دارد که شما بخواهید آنها را مسموم کنید! اما مدتی پیش به ما گفتند ما دیگر خریدی نمی کنیم (البته پول مواد غذایی را پدر و مادرمان می دادند) و خودتان غذای آنها را تهیه کنید. بار آخر که مواد غذایی برایشان بردیم یکسری وسائل مانند کاغذ و ظرف که بسته بندی آنها باز نشده بود و مارک معروفی بود را بردیم. بعد از مدتی متوجه شدیم که به آنها تحویل نداده اند. از آنها پرسیدیم چرا؟ گفتند بردیم آزمایشگاه! واقعا هنوز نمی دانیم چه سناریوی جدیدی برای این قضیه دارند.



تحلیل شما از این فشارها و برخوردها چیست؟


کوکب موسوی: یکی از مسائل آقایان آبروریزی هایشان از جمله اتفاقی است که در حرم حضرت معصومه افتاد که می خواهند آن را بپوشانند و بخاطر همین شروع به یکسری تحرکات کردند. مسئله دیگر هم انتخابات است که می خواهند هیچ سر و صدایی نشود و با سرکوب ایجاد رعب و وحشت کنند. از سوی دیگر می خواهند هیچ صدایی از پدر و مادرمان نباشد و مردم به یک حالت رخوت و فراموشی فرو بروند.


زهرا موسوی: کشور دارای بحران است. ضمن انکار بحران می خواهند بحران زایی کنند تا آن را بپوشانند درحالیکه بهتر بود این مشکلات را با آرامش حل می کردند و دست از سر زندگی مردم برمی داشتند. این رفتارها که بریزند به خانه ها و رعب و وحشت برای خانواده ایجاد کنند نه اخلاقی است و نه نتیجه ای خواهد داشت. خشم می کارند و کینه درو می کنند. این وضعیت در درازمدت دستاوردی برای آنها در بر نخواهد داشت. در این دو سال متوجه شدیم که کلا بی برنامه هستند و فشارهای درونی و بیرونی خود را برای کوتاه مدت برنامه ریزی می کنند. پدرم بارها گفته است این اعتراضات فتنه نبوده بلکه یک حرکت جمعی بزرگ بوده است. این عین کلام پدر است و نشر اکاذیب هم نیست.


نرگس موسوی: به هر حال در آستانه سومین سال این حبس غیر قانونی شاید یادآوری این حبس است که فشارها را افزایش داده اند. این برخوردها قطعا برای همه هزینه دارد. از سوی دیگر حقانیت پیش بینی های پدر در مورد شرایط امروز به همه اثبات شده است. واقعیت این است که آنچه پدر ما می خواست نه رای و نه قدرت بود. او تنها نگران فقدان انسانیت و فقدان کرامت انسانی بود. این درد پدر ما بود. با این شرایط بحرانی کشور و وضعیت اقتصادی و مشکلات معیشتی مردم همه یادشان می آید که میر حسین موسوی همه اینها را پیش بینی کرده و نگران بود و به جرم همین الان دو سال است که در حبس بسر می برد.



 به نگرانی میر حسین موسوی نسبت به شرایط کشور اشاره کردید. ایشان هشت سال بود که از عرصه سیاسی کشور کنار کشیده بودند و بیشتر نظاره گر مسائل کشور بودند. چه شرایطی پیش آمد که پا به میدان

سیاست گذاشتند؟



نرگس موسوی: شاید مثل صدای یک طوفانی که از دور می آید و کسی که قدرت شنوایی بالایی دارد آن را می شنود و پدر من این صدا را شنید. طوفانی که الان می بینیم همه چیز را دارد با خاک یکسان می کند. او برای نجات کشور و مردم احساس مسئولیت کردند و وارد عرصه شدند، وگرنه همه می دانند که او سالها از سیاست کنار کشیده بود و دغدغه قدرت نداشت. بعد از اینهم که اعتراضات شروع شد تمام حرفشان این بود که می خواستند در کنار مردم بمانند اما تهمت های زیادی به او زدند به نظر من اینها تشویش اذهان عمومی و نشر اکاذیب است.


 آقای میرحسین موسوی وقتی وارد عرصه انتخاباتی شدند این شرایط سخت را پیش بینی می کردند؟

نرگس موسوی: پدر وقتی وارد صحنه شدند خود را برای همه چیز آماده کرده بودند مثل یک جعبه دربسته که کسی از داخل آن خبر ندارد. پدر با وجود اینکه یک آدم هنرمند و مهربان هستند در عین حال در شرایط سخت یک استقامت و قدرت بی نظیری دارند که من خودم گاهی از این جذبه و قدرت می ترسیدم. به خاطر همین روحیات است که الان پایدار و مقاوم و صبور ایستاده اند.خود من نتیجه صبر را رضایت از قدم برداشتن در راه حق می بینم. از قدیم گفته اند حق دادنی نیست بلکه گرفتنی است. باید دنبال حق رفت و سکوت نکرد حتی اگر در این راه هزینه دهیم. پدر می گویند که باید در مسیر حق قدم برداشت تا به همان خیر مطلق و تکامل رسید.


پدر و مادر همیشه یار و مشوق هم هستند و در تمام عرصه ها همدیگر را حمایت می کردند و در حقیقت این دو غیر قابل تفکیک هستند. یک خصوصیت خوب مادرم شجاعت و سرسختی اوست. همیشه در شرایط سخت تحمل زیادی دارند. به خاطر همین روحیات او است که در این شرایط و فشارها به خودم می گویم من دختر زهرا رهنورد هستم پس می توانم همه اینها را تحمل کنم. در این دو سال هروقت ما را می دید می گفت قوی باشید و صبور. در هر حال هرچه هست دلتنگی و نگرانی است.


دغدغه اصلی و درخواست شما چیست؟

نرگس موسوی: خواسته ما در درجه اول آزادی فوری پدر و مادرمان است. مسئله دیگر پاسخگویی در خصوص این اقدامات زیرا تاکنون هیچ ارگانی مسئولیت حصر (به قول آنها) نذیرفته است. در پیگیری های ما جوابهای متفاوتی داده اند یکبار می گویند دادستانی، باردیگر دادگاه انقلاب، دادگستری، اطلاعات، سپاه و بیت و هنوز نمی دانیم مسئول حبس خانگی پدر و مادر ما کیست؟ بالاخره در این کشور یکی باید نسبت به این حبس غیرقانونی، غیر شرعی، غیر اخلاقی، غیر اسلامی پاسخ دهند. بگویند ما اینکار را انجام دادیم و مجرم هستیم. مادر من یک دانشمند و پرفسور است که می تواند در عرصه های علمی کشور باعث رشد و توسعه جامعه شود. پدر ما بعنوان یکی از چهره های سیاسی انقلابی شناخته شده حضورش در این مقطع حساس کنونی که کشور با بحران های زیادی دست به گریبان است می تواند موثر باشد. چرا باید دو سال در حبس باشند؟

زهرا موسوی: ما هیچ خبری از پدر و مادر نداریم، نه تلفن نه ملاقات. وقتی با ما که در جلوی چشم مردم هستیم و صدایمان به جایی می رسد اینگونه برخورد می کنند با پدر و مادرمان که زندانی هستند چه خواهند کرد و چه بر آنها می گذرد؟ ما امنیت نداریم از کجا بدانیم که شب خوابیدیم یکدفعه کسی بالای سرمان نیاید؟ چه امنیتی داریم که وقتی جایی می برند بدانیم کجاست و تحت نظارت چه ارگانی است؟ ما نگران فرزندانمان هستیم با توجه به سابقه ای که از آقایان دیدیم. برای من این مساله پیش آمد، جلوی پدرم به من زنگ زدند و شروع به تهدید کردند. وقتی اینکار را می کنند آیا ممکن نیست این بلا را سر فرزندانمان بیاورند؟ ما نگران امنیت جانی فرزندانمان هستیم. مساله دیگر این است که اخلاقیات رعایت می شود لپ تاپ های ما لپ تاپ های یک خانم است، عکس و تصویر و نوشته های شخصی و خاطراتی ممکن است در آن باشد که حریم خصوصی شخص محسوب می شود

Kokab and Narges Mousavi Summoned to Evin Court| Mousavi’s Son-in-Law Threatened by Phone

Zoge SabzFebruary 12th, 2013 – [Kaleme] On the anniversary of the illegal house arrest of opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi and Zahra Rahnavard, Kokab and Narges Mousavi , two of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s daughters were contacted by phone and summoned to Evin court. In other news a high level security official also reportedly threatened Mousavi’s son-in-law by phone.

According to reports by Kaleme website, a day after the arrest and subsequent release of Narges and Zahra Mousavi after several hours of interrogation, the head of the security agents responsible for Mousavi and Rahnavard’s house arrest who had claimed to be in the dark regarding the recent arrests, contacted Mousavi’s son-in-law, threatening him by phone, warning him that all his activities are under surveillance by Iran’s security apparatus.

The aforementioned senior security official informed Mousavi’s son-in-law by phone that in addition to Nargez and Zahra Mousavi, Kokab his eldest daughter was also going to be summoned to Evin court and they were all to be charged with spreading lies.

On the afternoon of Tuesday February 12th, 2013 shortly after this telephone conversation, unidentified individuals who refused to introduce themselves contacted Kokab and Narges Mousavi separately, summoning them both to Evin court. Kokab Mousavi has been summoned to appear at Evin court on Thursday morning and Narges Mousavi must appear on Saturday morning. They have been informed that they must appear in court for further questioning and in order for the judiciary to complete their case files. The individual who contacted Kokab Mousavi threatened that she will likely be arrested while in court.

On Monday February 12th, 2013, Narges and Zahra Mosuavi were threatened and arrested following the raid of their homes and subsequently released after several hours of questioning. According to both Narges and Zahra the questions they were asked during their interrogation mainly revolved around publishing news regarding the status of their parents, their connection with the Kaleme website, the publication of a joint statement with Karroubi’s children, speaking about the rigged elections and their criticism of the detention of Mousavi, Rahnavard and Karroubi and referring to it as an illegal detention.

Mousavi’s daughters were summoned to court by phone despite the fact that the law stipulates that law enforcement officials can only summon a citizen to court when presenting an identity card and a judicial court order. It remains unclear which entity within the ruling establishment has summoned Mousavi’s daughters to court, particularly as there are contradictions between the statements and claims made by the head of the security agents and the arresting agents who appeared at the homes of Narges and Zahra on Monday, and the judicial authorities and those responsible for summoning them on Tuesday. The various entities within the ruling establishment have continued to avoid responsibility regarding this matter and the authorities of the intelligence ministry, the IRGB, the prosecutor’s office, the judiciary and the office of the president have been blaming each other for the recent events, while no one has taken responsibility or provide any answers.

Two years after the illegal house arrest of Mir Hossein Mousavi, Zahra Rahnavard and Mehdi Karroubi, with no legal precedence and sentence against the leaders of the Green Movement and no one taking responsibility for their continued detention, the judiciary is treating their children in the same irresponsible manner and behind the closed doors of Evin court, it remains unclear which entity or authority will be held responsible for their dignity, safety and well being.

Mir Hossein Mousavi, Zahra Rahnavard and Mehdi Karroubi have been under illegal house arrest for two year, their communication with the outside world and even their family members cut off, with authorities allowing sporadic and arbitrary visits with select family members only.

Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard’s daughters have been deprived of all visitation and even telephone contact with their parents for the past three months. The authorities have not only evaded responsibility regarding keeping them incommunicado but have also attacked their children and Karroubi’s children and threatened them for attempting to disseminate information regarding their status and well being.

Source: Kaleme:

ارگان ها تقصیر را به گردن یکدیگر می اندازند؛ هیچ کس مسئولیت نمی پذیرد

احضار کوکب و نرگس، دختران موسوی به دادسرای اوین/ تهدید تلفنی داماد میرحسین توسط مامور ارشد امنیتی


چهارشنبه, ۲۵ بهمن, ۱۳۹۱

چکیده :ارگان های مختلف نیز در این باره از خود سلب مسئولیت می کنند و مقام های وزارت اطلاعات، سپاه، دادستانی، قوه قضاییه و نهاد ریاست جمهوری برخوردهای اخیر را به گردن یکدیگر می اندازند و هیچ یک حاضر نیستند مسئولیت آن را بپذیرند و پاسخگو باشند….

در سالروز آغاز حصر غیرقانونی زهرا رهنورد، میرحسین موسوی و مهدی کروبی؛ کوکب و نرگس، دختران موسوی و رهنورد، به صورت تلفنی به دادسرای اوین احضار شدند و یک مامور ارشد امنیتی هم در تماس تلفنی به تهدید داماد مهندس موسوی پرداخت.

به گزارش خبرنگار کلمه، یک روز پس از دستگیری چند ساعته زهرا و نرگس موسوی، رئیس زندانبانان موسوی و رهنورد که ادعا می کرد از این بازداشت و برخوردها بی خبر بوده، در تماس تلفنی با داماد مهندس موسوی به تهدید وی پرداخت و هشدار داد که کلیه فعالیت های او تحت نظر دستگاه های امنیتی قرار دارد.

این مامور ارشد امنیتی همزمان به داماد میرحسین موسوی گفت که علاوه بر زهرا و نرگس، کوکب موسوی دختر بزرگ میرحسین و رهنورد هم به دادسرا احضار خواهد شد، و اتهام آنها را نیز نشر اکاذیب ذکر کرد.

غروب روز سه شنبه ۲۴ بهمن ماه و ساعتی پس از این تماس تلفنی، افراد ناشناسی که حاضر به معرفی خود نبودند، در تماس های جداگانه با کوکب موسوی دختر بزرگ میرحسین و رهنورد و همچنین نرگس موسوی دختر کوچک آنها، این دو را به دادسرای اوین احضار کردند.

کوکب موسوی برای صبح روز پنجشنبه و نرگس موسوی برای صبح روز شنبه به دادسرا احضار شده است. به آنها گفته شده که این احضارها برای دریافت توضیحات و تکمیل پرونده انجام می شود. فرد تماس گیرنده با کوکب موسوی، تهدید کرده که احتمال بازداشت وی در دادسرا وجود دارد.

روز دوشنبه هم ماموران، نرگس و زهرا موسوی را برای چند ساعت بازداشت کرده و منازل آنها را نیز همراه با تهدید و ارعاب مورد بازرسی قرار داده بودند.

به گفته زهرا و نرگس موسوی، مهم ترین محورهای بازجویی های آنها، اطلاع رسانی درباره وضعیت پدر و مادرشان، ارتباط با سایت کلمه، انتشار بیانیه مشترک با فرزندان مهدی کروبی، صحبت از مهندسی انتخابات و انتقاد از حبس موسوی و رهنورد و غیر قانونی خواندن آن بوده است.

دختران میرحسین موسوی در حالی با تماس تلفنی احضار شده اند که بر اساس قانون، ضابطان قضایی تنها با ارائه کارت شناسایی و حکم مکتوب مقام قضایی حق دارند اقدام به احضار شهروندان کنند.

این در حالی است که ارگان اقدام کننده برای احضار دختران موسوی مشخص نیست و بین اظهارات رئیس زندانبانان، اظهارات ماموران بازداشت کننده در روز دوشنبه، مسئولان قضایی و احضارکنندگان روز سه شنبه تناقض وجود دارد.

ارگان های مختلف نیز در این باره از خود سلب مسئولیت می کنند و مقام های وزارت اطلاعات، سپاه، دادستانی، قوه قضاییه و نهاد ریاست جمهوری برخوردهای اخیر را به گردن یکدیگر می اندازند و هیچ یک حاضر نیستند مسئولیت آن را بپذیرند و پاسخگو باشند.

بدین ترتیب همانند حصر دو ساله میرحسین و رهنورد و کروبی که مشخص نیست با چه توجیه قانونی و با حکم و مسئولیت کدام مقام انجام می شود، در خصوص احضار و برخوردهای قضایی اخیر با فرزندان آنها نیز رفتاری آشکارا غیر مسئولانه به خرج داده می شود و مشخص نیست پشت دیوارهای دادسرای اوین، مسئولیت حفظ امنیت، سلامت و حیثیت آنها با کدام مقام یا نهاد است.

مهدی کروبی، میرحسین موسوی و زهرا رهنورد از دو سال قبل در حبس خانگی به سر می برند و کلیه ارتباطات آنها با مردم و حتی خانواده قطع شده است. ماموران تنها به طور نامنظم و به دلخواه خود اجازه می دهند که برخی اعضای خانواده به دیدار موسوی و رهنورد بروند.

با این حال بیش از سه ماه است که دختران میرحسین و رهنورد از هرگونه دیدار یا حتی تماس تلفنی با پدر و مادر خود محروم شده اند و مسئولان نه تنها درباره ی بی اطلاع نگه داشتن آنها پاسخگو نیستند، بلکه اطلاع رسانی آنها و فرزندان مهدی کروبی درباره ی وضعیت پدر و مادر خود نیز با حمله ماموران امنیتی و تهدید و برخوردهای خشونت بار رو به رو شده است.

Zahra Mousavi: “Even if you hang me, I refuse to confess to anything other than my convictions!”

M  & RFebruary 11th, 2013 – [Kaleme -Sepand Mir Yousefi] Zahra Mousavi, opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard’s daughter described her arrest, interrogation at Evin prison and subsequent release after several hours on Monday February 11th as follows: “They raided our home in the morning using their usual tricks. They waited for one of the neighbors to open the door and then entered the building. I saw seven men and a woman entering the building. At first I was not dressed properly and was not wearing hijab. One guy entered the house and the others forced the door open and entered the house behind him. Initially, given their repeated unethical behavior in the past, I thought that there was no woman with them. I was worried about our family photos and in particular photos of our mother. At the time, I couldn’t think of any other way to prevent them from accessing our family photos, so I immersed my laptop in water. They searched the entire house and left no corner unturned. They confiscated the computer, the laptops, the scanner, a number of my documents including my university degrees, several novels I had just purchased, some of which I had not even had the chance to read, some CDs of movies and shows, my bank card and anything they could get their hands on. I’m not sure what they were looking for. We had nothing in particular for them to take. When I objected to them reading our private letters or looking at our personal photos, particularly given the renowned behavior of the security apparatus in Iran, they accused me of unethical behavior to which I responded: “Do you consider your constant raid of people’s homes ethical behavior?””

Zahra Mousavi continued: “The female security agent attempted to search me physically; a bodily search that was outside the realm of ethical behavior, but I refused to allow her to proceed. Their behavior improved slightly following my objections or at least it looked as though they exercised some restraint. They confiscated everything in sight and took me with them. We entered Evin from the back entrance. At first they prevented us from entering stating that our arrival had not been coordinated. The interrogation process eventually began. It was nothing out of the ordinary. They placed the interrogation sheets in front of me and asked about how I communicate with the Kaleme website. They wanted to know how we send and receive the news. They asked me a series of questions regarding this issue. They seemed very keen to find out more about our connection and any potential communication with the Kaleme website. During the interrogation process they continuously referred to Kaleme as an anti-revolutionary website. Since it was a written interrogation, they sought to get a written confession from me stating that I am in contact with anti-revolutionaries. Of course their claims were pure lies for the anti-revolutionary forces are the power mongers and those who embezzle and not Kaleme website. I told my interrogator that despite the difficult climate they have created, Kaleme is busy publishing the news and creating awareness amongst our society while observing our religious and national values and principles.”

“The written interrogation process ended at around 12 noon. They then had me sit in the corridor. I heard loud cries and later realized it was my sister who had entered into an altercation with them. At the time I had no idea that she too had been arrested. The interrogator who went by the name of Mr. Seyed, claimed that my statements were baseless. He was particularly sensitive to references to the rigged elections and the term kidnapping [in reference to our parents] used in the statements we had published. Every time I opened my mouth to respond he insisted that I provide proof and evidence. I explained that we never would have believed that the day would come when the regime would constantly force individuals to provide evidence against its own members. We were not supposed to behave so badly and with such lack of trust. We realized all of this many years later. While he [reference to Ahmadinejad] was in Egypt pursuing his agenda, they had already issued a judgment against me claiming that my statements were false. I told them that even if they hang me, it won’t make a difference for other than my convictions, I refuse to provide one word in the form of a written confession. My interrogator of course took my statement as an insult to the judiciary.” adds Zahra Mousavi.

Mir Hossein Mousavi’s daughter reiterated that a large portion of her interrogation process was in relation to her communication with the Kaleme website and the statements she and her sisters had published and in particular the joint statement published with the children of Mehdi Karroubi in the early part of January this year. “They kept asking: “Why did you publish that particular statement? ” They viewed such statements as publishing lies. They actually claimed that informing the public regarding the difficulties our parents have faced and the details regarding their detention was engaging in the publication of lies,” explained Mousavi’s daughter.

Zahra Mousavi clarified: “It was very clear that they were not very happy with the fact that we are able get our side of the story published despite the restrictions and of course they had a problem in principle with our writings and statements. I believe that they [the ruling establishment] have traversed a series of crisis filled days that have not been to their advantage. When the head of the parliament and the head of the government treat each other so poorly in public, or the head of the parliament is mistreated by the people while on official trip in the holy city of Qom, they are forced to create noise and divert public attention through generating other news. Given that we are on the eve of the anniversary of our parents’ illegal detention (February 14th), they also wanted to make us suffer, demonstrating once again their power to arrest and incarcerate if need be. Our response to such behavior is that we are but one of many others that have stood alongside us throughout this journey.”

Zahra Mousavi adds: “When the interrogations process ended their behavior suddenly changed. After four hours of detention and questioning they told me that I could leave and asked me for a guarantee to appear for questioning when summoned. I believe that the impact of the pressure exerted by the media may have played a role in them releasing me after several hours of questioning, particularly since that same morning when they arrived at my home they told me that I might be detained for quite some time and should probably pack some clothes and other simple belongings. While I was being questioned, even though they told my sister that she would be released after a few hours, they kept insisting that I would be detained for a while. They wanted to punish me. My sister and I were both asked to sign documents accepting responsibility for writing the statements that were published in the media outlets in our names and we did signed these documents during our interrogation. They kept focusing on the fact that we have insisted that no one in the ruling establishment has accepted responsibility for the arrest and detention of our parents. They kept rejecting our statements and insisting that we had published lies. They stated that our parents have been detained legally and based on orders submitted by the judiciary. Of course I insisted that we have never seen such a court order and do not believe what they say. Even if there had been a court order, the arrest and detention was without cause for our parents are innocent. This statement really bothered them and they kept asking: “Why do you insist that their detention was without cause? We had reason for detaining them.” They insisted that their decision was justifiable and will be explained when the time is right. We all know however that they detained our parents and Mr. Karroubi without reason and provided no explanation for their actions.”

In closing Zahra Mousavi described the possible causes for the events that occurred yesterday as follows: “In order to cover up the recent infighting [between the president and the head of the parliament] the ruling establishment was in need of a fresh news cycle, created through our arrests. As we approach February 14th [the anniversary of the detention of the leaders of the Green Movement] and despite extreme internet restrictions, they continue to worry about the possible repercussions our statements might have outside the virtual world. Given their current problems and the infighting amongst their inner circle they fear any crisis and as a result they mistakenly create further crisis by fighting the wrong battles. Our father had predicted such days and they now take the liberty to take revenge on his daughters for his predictions.

Source: Kaleme:

انتقام پیش بینی های پدر برای کشور را از ما می گیرند

گزارش زهرا موسوی از بازجویی: آنها بحران زده اند و پی در پی اشتباه می کنند


سه شنبه, ۲۴ بهمن, ۱۳۹۱

چکیده :حکومت برای پوشش اختلافات خود نیاز به فضای جدید خبری داشت که با دستگیری ما فراهم کند ضمن اینکه نگران ۲۵ بهمن هم بود آنها از نوشته های ما در فضای محدود و تنگ مجازی و بازتاب ان درجامعه واقعی نگرانند و با توجه به انواع گرفتاریهایی که در درون خود دارند از ایجاد هر بحران نگرانند و در این نگرانی اشتباه کرده و بحران جدید میافرینند انها با اشتباه به جنگ اشتباه می روند و چون پدر ما این روزهارا پیشبینی کرده بود انتقام آن پیشبینی را با این رفتارها….

کلمه- سپند میریوسفی:

زهرا موسوی، دختر میرحسین و زهرا رهنورد که صبح روز دوشنبه توسط ماموران در منزل خود بازداشت و پس از بازجویی چند ساعته در زندان اوین، آزاد شده است، در تشریح آنچه در این چند ساعت بر او گذشته است می گوید: صبح با ترفند های همیشگی خودشان ریختند داخل منزل. صبر کرده بودند یکی از همسایه ها در را باز کند و سپس وارد شوند.

وی در گفت و گو با کلمه ادامه می دهد: وقتی وارد شدند دیدم ۷ تا آقا بودند و یک خانم.در ابتدا در حالیکه هنوز پوششم مناسب نبود و حجاب نداشتم یک آقا امد تو و به دنبال ایشان بقیه با فشار در را باز کردند و به داخل ریختند من اول فکر کردم که خانمی همراهشان نیست و چون بارها دیده ایم که بی اخلاقی هایی دارند نگران عکس های خانوادگی مان، خصوصا مادرم شدم. به همین دلیل اول از همه لپ تاپم را گذاشتم زیر آب. راه دیگری برای اینکه عکس های خانوادگیمان را از دسترس آن ها خارج کنم به ذهنم نرسید.

زهرا موسوی تشریح می کند: همه جای خانه را زیر و رو کردند و جایی را باقی نگذاشتند که نگشته باشند. کامپیوتر، لپ تاپ ها، اسکنر، یک سری اسناد و مدارک دانشگاهی، تعدادی رمان که تازه خریده بودم و هنوز بعضی هایش خوانده نشده بود، تعدادی سی دی های فیلم و سریال، کارت بانکم و هرچه دم دستشان بود بردند. نمی دانم دنبال چه می گشتند. چیز خاصی نداشتیم که بخواهند ببرند آنها از اینکه من نخواسته ام با توجه به سو رفتارهای مشهور امنیتی عکس و یا نوشته های خصوصیمان را بخوانند بی اخلاقی نامیدند که گفتم اینکه شما مدام به خانه های مردم میریزید با اخلاقیست؟

زهرا موسوی ادامه داد:

مامور خانم هم قصد داشت تا بازرسی بدنی بسیار بی ادبانه ای را انجام دهد و از حریم اخلاقی خارج شد که اجازه ندادم ولی رفتارشان بعد از این قضیه بهتر شد یعنی مدیریت شد. هرچه بودجمع کردند و گفتند برویم.

به گفته ی دختر نخست وزیر ۸ سال دفاع مقدس، آن ها مارا از درپشتی اوین بردند داخل. در ابتدا جلوی ورودمان را گرفته بودند و می گفتند هماهنگ نشده بعد هم بازجویی شروع شد که امر عجیب و تازه ای نبود برگه های بازجویی را گذاشتند جلوی من که از چه طریقی با سایت کلمه در ارتباطید؟ چطوری خبر می دهید یا خبر می گیرید؟ از این مدل سوال ها و خیلی پیگیر بودند و در کل می خواستند بدانند که ارتباط ما با سایت کلمه به چه شکل است. در سوالها مدام کلمه را سایت ضد انقلاب مینامید و چون بازجویی مکتوب بود میخواست تا به صورت مکتوب اقرار بگیرد که من با ضد انقلاب در ارتباطم که خب کذب محض بود و ضد انقلاب اختلاس گران وقدرت طلبان هستند و نه کلمه.

وی به بازجو گفته است: کلمه در این فضای سختی که ایجاد کرده اید با حفظ اصول و ارزشهای ملی و دینی به آگاهی رسانی به جامعه مشغول است.

زهرا موسوی در ادامه می افزاید: بازجویی کتبی تا ساعت ۱۲ تمام شد و بعد من را نشاندند داخل راهرو که بعد از آن صدای فریاد هایی را شنیدم که بعدا فهمیدم خواهرم نرگس بوده و با آنها درگیر شده اما در آن لحظه چون نمی دانستم او هم بازداشت شده دقیقا متوجه نشدم که مساله چیست. مامور بازجو که خود را آقا سید نامید همه حرفهای مرا فاقد سند می نامید. در مورد مهندسی انتخابات یا واژه آدم ربایی دربیانیه ما حساس بود اما در برابر هر حرف من می گفت سند بیار. من گفتم ما باور نمی کردیم این نظام در چنین وضعی باشد که مدام ناچار باشیم مدرک علیه افرادش تهیه کنیم قرار بر اینهمه بدی و بی اعتمادی نبود این را بعدا فهمیدیم و یاد گرفتیم. ایشان مصر بود که با روشهای بازجویی حرفهایش را به کرسی بنشاند و حکم کذب بودن حرفهای من از قبل صادر شده بود که گفتم اعدامم هم بکنید فرقی نمیکند و یک کلمه هم خارج از اینکه باور ندارم نخواهم نوشت که ایشان این حرف مرا مصداق بی ادبی درمحضر مقام قضایی دانست.

وی با بیان اینکه بخش عمده ی بازجویی هایش در ارتباط با کلمه و بیانیه هایشان بوده به خصوص همان که با خانواده آقای کروبی مشترک بوده است می گوید: مرتب می پرسیدند: چرا آن بیانیه را داده اید. و معتقد بودند که این ها نشر اکاذیب است. یعنی اطلاع رسانی ها از مشکلات و جزییات حصر پدر و مادرمان نشر اکاذیب است.

به اعتقاد دختر میرحسین و رهنورد، آنها کاملا مشخص بود ناراحت هستند که بالاخره مجرایی وجود دارد که ما حرفمان را می زنیم. البته با اصل نوشته ها و بیانیه ها هم مسئله داشتند.

وی همچنین تصریح می کند: من فکر می کنم که این ها روزهای بحرانی ای داشتند پشت سر هم، که برایشان روزهای خیلی بدی بود. وقتی رییس مجلس و رییس دولت این طور با هم درگیر می شوند در مقابل چشم مردم و یا اینکه با رییس مجلس در قم چنان رفتاری می کنند، ناچارند که یک شلوغی خبری داشته باشند که حواس مردم را پرت کنند. ضمن اینکه برای ۲۵ بهمن هم می خواستند زهر چشمی از ما بگیرند که می گیریم و می زنیم و می بندیم. ما هم البته در جواب می گوییم سر ما کنار سر همه آنهایی که این مدت در کنار هم بودیم.

زهرا موسوی می گوید: وقتی هم که بازجویی ها تمام شد ناگهان رفتارشان عوض شد. بعد از ۴ ساعت حبس صدایمان

کردند و گفتند بروید. گفتند شما ضمانت می دهید که هر موقع گفتیم بیاید اینجا؟

وی ادامه داد: تاثیر فشار رسانه ای هم برای آزادی زیاد بوده. چون صبح در خانه به من گفتند که ممکن است خیلی نگه ات داریم لباس و یک سری چیزهای ساده بردار با خودت بیاور. آنجا هم در شرایطی که به خواهرم گفته بودند چند ساعته رهایت می کنیم به من می گفتند تو می مانی. می خواستنند اذیت کنند.

به گفته ی وی از دختران میرحسین و رهنورد امضا گرفته اند که این بیانیه ها و نوشته ها مال خودشان است و آیا قبول دارند که خودشان نوشته اند؟ که آن ها هم امضا کرده اند.

زهرا موسوی در پایان با بیان اینکه “خیلی مصر بودند که ما چرا می گوییم کسی مسوولیت زندانی بودن پدر و مادرمان را قبول نکرده است” خاطرنشان می کند: می گفتند این ها نشر اکاذیب است و ما قبول نداریم. می گفتند برای همه اینها آیین نامه وجود دارد و دستور قضایی صادر شده است. ما هم گفتیم که البته ما تا به حال دستور قضایی ندیدیم. و حرف های شما را هم باور نمی کنیم. ضمن اینکه حتی اگر دستوری باشد بی دلیل بوده و پدر و مادر ما بی گناه در زندان هستند. این حرف خیلی ناراحتشان می کرد و می گفتند چرا می گویید بی دلیل؟ ما دلیل داشتیم. می گفتند که قابل توضیح است و در زمان مقرر توضیح داده می شود. اما همه ی ما می دانیم که بی دلیل و غیر قانونی پدر و مادر ما و آقای

کروبی را در بند کردند و هیچ توضیحی برای این عمل خود ندارند؟

هرا موسوی در تشریح علل احتمالی اتفاق دیروز گفت:

حکومت برای پوشش اختلافات خود نیاز به فضای جدید خبری داشت که با دستگیری ما فراهم کند ضمن اینکه نگران ۲۵ بهمن هم بود آنها از نوشته های ما در فضای محدود و تنگ مجازی و بازتاب ان درجامعه واقعی نگرانند و با توجه به انواع گرفتاریهایی که در درون خود دارند از ایجاد هر بحران نگرانند و در این نگرانی اشتباه کرده و بحران جدید میافرینند آنها با اشتباه به جنگ اشتباه می روند و چون پدر ما این روزهارا پیشبینی کرده بود انتقام آن پیشبینی را با این رفتارها از ما می‌گیرند

Narges Mousavi “I am more determined than ever to pursue the violated legal rights of my parents”


February 11th, 2013 [Kaleme Zahra Sadr] – Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s daughter Narges Mousavi describes the events that led to the raid of her home by security agents and her subsequent arrest, interrogation and eventual release after a few hours as follows: “This morning my 4 year old son and I were going to work when four or five big built men and a women suddenly showed up in front of my car and forced me back into the house so they could search the premises.”

Narges Mousavi describes the manner in which she was arrested as unexpectedly violent with the security agents threatening even to kill her adding: “I asked them to present a court order which they did. I believe it was from the prosecutor’s office. I had seen one of the male security agents before in front of Akhtar street. He lifted his had to strike me in the face. He paid no attention to [Islamic] codes of conduct that require that he avoid physical contact with me given that he is a man. In fact the men held my hands and took me with them. They completely ransacked my home, refusing to spare even my son’s room.”

Narges Mousavi emphasized that she will try to publish pictures of the condition of the rooms and the house after the raid by the security agents stating: “My son was extremely shaken and terrified by the ongoing arguments and tension. I don’t have anyone any more. My parents are in prison. Imagine a woman alone with her four year old son and eight other men and a woman. Following a verbal altercation one of the security officers told me that if it was up to him, he would push me out of the window of the building right there. All of this happened in front of my four year old son so I yelled back and told him that he had no right to do such a thing. They took all my electronic devices with them. They also confiscated a number of my personal notes, my MP4, my laptop, iPad and cell phone.”

While reiterating the insulting manner in which she and her son were treated during the interrogation process Narges Mousavi continued: “He not only threatened to beat me and lifted his hand to strike my face, but also threatened to kill me. There were pictures of us without our customary Islamic dress code in the house and when I protested and demanded that he refrain from looking at pictures of my sisters and I without hijab, they only ignored my request and ridiculed me. They took me to the prosecutor’s office at Evin prison and kept me waiting for two hours. They then wrote a series of questions down and demanded answers. They delayed the process on purpose and kept us there until four in the afternoon without offering us any food or water.”

The youngest daughter of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard added: “They kept asking: :How do you contact the Kaleme website?” It was clear that this issue bothered them and was a sensitive subject. I stated that my contact with Kaleme was through email or at times by phone. I reiterated that Kaleme and the news they publish is completely acceptable to us. They asked me: “Why do you insist that your parents’ detention is illegal when it is absolutely not illegal and the concerned parties have confirmed this fact?” I wrote in response that when none of the entities within the ruling establishment have responded to our inquiries and every international organization and our civil society have expressed criticism over the current situation while the ruling establishment remains silent, that means that what has occurred is illegal. The current situation is illegal in my eyes, in the eyes of the people, in the eyes of God and the world at large!”

Mousavi’s daughter concluded: “In the end we were calmly escorted back home. The interrogation process at the house and the prosecutor’s office was nevertheless very stressful. While at the prosecutor’s office an argument ensued between myself and one of the security agents and he pushed me out of the room and took me to another room, forcing me to sit on a chair. His behavior was humiliating and filled with malice, though he later apologized. What upset me the most was that we were taken to a place where addicts are also detained. I was placed next to a man that had been been detained that morning for possessing two kilos of Crystal Meth. As the daughter of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard I am more determined that ever to pursue the violated legal rights of my parents.”

Source: Kaleme:

BREAKING NEWS – Opposition Leader Mehdi Karroubi’s Eldest Son Arrested

February 11th, 2013 – Saham News reports that the home of opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi’s eldest son Mohammad Hossein Karroubi was raided by security agents at 8 am this morning. The opposition leader’s son was arrested and taken to the prosecutor’s office at Evin prison for further interrogation.

It has been reported that a representative from the office of Tehran’s Prosecutor was present along with 7 other security agents who searched the home, confiscating the personal belongings of Mohammad Hossein Karroubi including his laptop, cell phone and documents including his identity card and bank cards belonging to the Hossein Karroubi’s family. Personal computers belonging to two of Mehdi Karroubi’s grandchildren were also confiscated.

In a similarly coordinated move, opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s two youngest daughters, Narges and Zahra were also arrested this morning and released after several hours of questioning.

The arrests and interrogations were reportedly as a result of the joint statement published by the children of the opposition leaders on January 8th, 2013 demanding that their parents be released.

[Read the English translation of the joint statement here:]

Source: Saham News:

BREAKING NEWS – Opposition Leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s Daughters Arrested and Released After A Few Hours of Interrogation

ImageFebruary 11th, 2013 – Kaleme reports that opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s two younger daughters Narges and Zahra were arrested at their homes early this morning and released after a few hours of interrogation.

Mousavi’s oldest daughter Kokab made the following statements to Kaleme regarding the events of this morning: “They provided no reason for their arrest, but in our opinion they seek to divert attention from the recent scandals plaguing the ruling establishment. My sisters were arrested because they wish to cover up the recent disputes and power struggles such as the latest debacle in the parliament and the disgraceful events that took place at Hazrate Masoumeh’s shrine.”

Kokab Mousavi added: “Narges called and informed me that the agents were at her home. She asked me to go there to watch over her young child. They told her that the arrest would be for a few hours only and that she would have to respond to a few questions. As for Zahra, her husband was there when they arrived and arrested her.”

In closing Mousavi’s oldest daughter stated: ” On the eve of February 14th and as we enter into the third year of their house arrest the further intensification of illegal moves by the ruling establishment was predictable.”

Kaleme reports that the opposition leaders daughters were released after a few hours of interrogation. Further details regarding the arrest will be published shortly and translated as soon as they become available.