Incarcerated Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh “Send My Apologies to Mousavi, Rahnavard & Karroubi “

rahnavard_sotoudeh_visit_dec2010From the Facebook of Reza Khandan, the husband of incarcerated human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh

Today we were  granted face to face visitation with Nasrin.  Despite the fact that she is no longer on hunger strike, physically there was little change in her from last week.

Up to this moment, Nasrin has received no medical attention, even for her digestive problems that were predictable [as a result of her hunger strike.]

Furthermore, the authorities have yet to respond to our request for medical furlough.

By the way as soon as the topic of her last statement presented at the Sakharov Award Ceremony came up, Nasrin explained that she had written that statement three days after her hunger strike under very difficult physical conditions and as a result she had forgotten to include a number of issues.   Nasrin was in particular very upset that she had neglected to mention the conditions surrounding the house arrest of Mir Hossein Mousavi, Zahra Rahnavard and Mehdi Karroubi.  Nasrin asked me to make sure that her apology is relayed to these dear colleagues.  She stated that after the statement had been published she realized that she had failed to mention this important issue and other items, but the statement had already been published and she had no means to contact anyone [from prison] in order to request that additions be made.  She was very upset regarding this matter.

Reza Khandan

امروز به همراه چند تن از خانواده‌ها ملاقات حضوری داشتیم. نسرین با وجود این که دیگر در اعتصاب غذا نیست ولی از نظر جسمی نسبت به هفته‌ی قبل تقریبا فرقی نکرده بود.
تا این لحظه هیچ گونه خدمات پزشکی دریافت نکرده است با وجود مشکلات گوارشی که قابل پیش‌بینی هم بود.
هنوز به درخواست‌های مرخصی استعلاجی هیچ پاسخی نداده‌اند.
در ضمن تا صحبت از بیانیه‌ای شد که به مراسم اهدای جایزه‌ی ساخاروف ارسال کرده بود, گفت که من آن بیانیه را سه روز بعد از اعتصاب غذا در شرایط نامساعد جسمی تهیه کرده بودم و خیلی از موارد را فراموش کردم که بنویسم. از جمله اشاره به شرایط حبس خانم رهنورد و آقایان موسوی و کروبی. از من خواست که حتما عذر خواهی‌اش را از این بابت به اطلاع این عزیزان برسانم.
او گفت که بعد از ارسال بیانیه متوجه این مورد مهم و موارد دیگری شدم ولی متاسفانه بیانیه رفته بود و من هیچ کانالی پیدا نکردم تا سفارش کنم این قسمت‌ها را اضافه کنند. از این بابت خیلی ناراحت بود

منبع : فیسبوک رضا خندان

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