Nasrin Sotoudeh’s Husband: It Looks as Though Nasrin Has Disappeared into Thin Air!


From the Facebook of Reza Khandan the husband of incarcerated human rights lawyer on hunger strike since October 17th, 2012

For the second week in a row we went to the visitation area at Evin prison today, Thursday November 15th, 2012.  The visitation days for prisoners detained at the Intelligence Ministry’s ward 209 takes place on Thursdays.  Despite the fact that Nasrin was transferred to a solitary confinement cell at ward 209 15 days ago, they [the authorities and personnel at ward 209] told us that she was not one of their prisoners.

The authorities at Evin prison, however, claim that Nasrin is being held at the Intelligence Ministry’s ward 209.  When none of the institutions with detention centers (Evin prison and Ward 209) are willing to take responsibility for housing Nasrin, in reality from a judicial point of view Nasrin has apparently disappeared into thin air!

Even though Nasrin has clearly never been issued a court order depriving her of visitations, she nevertheless remains isolated and her visitation rights continue to be denied. They no longer even pretend to adhere to their own semi official and tepid regulations and laws and will not hesitate to do anything they please to put pressure on prisoners and their family members.

Evading responsibility and projecting guilt onto others begins when they [the security apparatus] are left with the body of a dead young man such as Sattar Beheshti….

امروز پنجشنبه براي دومين هفته‌ي متوالي به سالن ملاقات زندان اوين مراجعه كرديم. روزهاي پنجشنبه روز ملاقات زندانيان بند 209 اطلاعات است. با وجود اينكه نسرين از 15 روز قبل به يكي از سلول‌هاي انفرادي اين بند منتقل شده است، ولي آنها به ما اعلام مي‌كنند كه او زنداني ما نيست.

مسولين زندان اوين هم مي‌گويند كه ايشان در اختيار 209 هستند.
وقتي كه هيچكدام از نهادهاي صاحب بازداشتگاه (زندان اوين – بند 209) خود
را مسول اين زنداني نميدانند

در واقع مي‌شود گفت كه از نظر قضايي ايشان ناپديد شده‌اند.

با وجود اين كه معلوم شده است كه براي او هيچگونه قرار ممنوع الملاقاتي صادر نشده است ولي همچنان او را ممنوع الملاقات كرده‌اند.
ديگر حتي به طور صوري و فرمايشي هم به قوانين نيم‌بند خودشان پايبند نيستند و هر كاري كه در راستاي فشار به زنداني و خانواده‌اش باشد در انجام آن هيچ ترديدي به خود راه نمي‌دهند.
و زماني كه جنازه‌ي جواني مانند ستار بهشتي روي دستشان مي‌ماند فرافكني‌ها شروع مي‌شود.

منبع فسبوک رضا خندان


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