Sotoudeh’s Husband “My Wife’s Transfer to Solitary Confinement is Against the Law”

Sunday November 11th, 2012 – From the Facebook of Reza Khandan the husband of incarcerated human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh now on the 27th day of her hunger strike in solitary confinement at Evin prison.

Many friends and supporters have sent me messages asking about Nasriin’s condition and whether we have any news or if we have spoken to her by phone.

We have no news from Nasrin as of last Monday.  Given that the infirmary at ward 209 [under the supervision of the Ministry of Intelligence] is separate from the infirmary at Evin prison, even if she would be transferred to the infirmary, no one would be informed.

Nasrin has been deprived of phone calls for the past 18 months. She is currently in solitary confinement and without a cell mate.  The fact that she is in solitary confinement and has been deprived of weekly visitations, means that no one will be able to speak to her even to encourage her to discontinue her hunger strike.  Given her current situation, the messages from various individuals and groups requesting that she break her hunger strike will therefore not reach her.

The only news we have heard, is that a few days ago they took  her prescription glasses, one book and a hot water bottle from the general ward [350] , but we are not sure if they were given to her.  We received this news via the general ward where Nasrin was being kept until 12 days ago, for no news is ever received from the Intelligence Ministry’s ward 209.

Nasrin’s presence at the Intelligence Ministry’s ward 209 is completely illegal.  Detainees are taken to this ward during their interrogation process and not once their sentences have been issued. In addition to punishing her with solitary confinement, they have also deprived her of her legal right to visitation.

At the Intelligence Ministry’s Ward 209, prisoners are required to wear a blindfold even when using the restrooms.

The prison authorities are responsible for explaining why someone who was serving her prison sentence is now spending her days behind bars in solitary confinement at the Intelligence Ministry’s ward 209.

Reza Khandan
November 11th, 2012

خيلي از دوستان پيغام مي‌فرستند كه خبري از نسرين و وضعيت‌اش بدهم. تلفني – خبري …

از دوشنبه‌ي گذشته به اين طرف هيچ خبري از نسرين نداريم …
از آنجا كه درمانگاه بند اطلاعات با درمانگاه زندان فرق ميكند اگر هم به درمانگاه رفته باشد هيچكس خبردار نخواهد شد.
18 ماه است كه تلفن ندارد. بدون هم سلولي و در انفرادي است.
بودن او در سلول انفرادي و نداشتن ملاقات هفتگي باعث خواهد شد كه هيچكس نتواند با او صحبت
كند و حتي تشويق به پايان دادن به اعتصاب غذا. پيغام‌ افراد و يا گروهاي مختلف براي پايان دادن به اعتصاب غذا به او نميرسد.

فقط شنيده‌ام كه چند روز پيش عينك مطالعه، يك جلد كتاب و يك عدد كيسه‌ي آب گرم از بند عمومي گرفته‌اند و مطمئن نيستم به او داده‌اند يا نه؟ و چون اينها را از بند عمومي كه تا 12 روز پيش نسرين آنجا بود، برده‌اند اين خبر به ما رسيده است. وگرنه از 209 اطلاعات هيچ خبري بيرون نمي‌آيد.

بودن او در 209 اطلاعات كاملا غير قانوني است. 209 در مرحله بازجويي است نه براي كسي كه حكم‌اش را ميگذراند.

قرار تنبيهي هم كه به او داده‌اند سلول انفرادي است ولي به طور غير قانوني ممنوع الملاقات هم كرده‌اند.

209 بندي است كه زنداني براي استفاده از دستشويي هم بايد چشم بند داشته باشد.
مسولين زندان بايد پاسخگو باشند چرا زنداني‌ي كه در حال سپري كردن حكم‌اش است اكنون به دست بند امنيتي 209 سپرده شده است.

منبع فیسبوک رضا خندان همسر نسرین ستوده

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