Nasrin Sotoudeh Banned from Visitation on the 18th Day of Her Hunger Strike

ImageFrom the Facebook of Reza Khandan, husband of incarcerated human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh now on the 18th day of her hunger strike

It was reported that Nasrin Sotoudeh has been banned from seeing her family for a period of three weeks. Given that I had no idea about the validity of the news, I went to the visitation area at Evin prison today without the children to ask if it were indeed true.

I was told that Nasrin has indeed been banned from all visitations and will not be allowed to see anyone today. I inquired applies to the rest of her family members who have been denied visitation rights for over a year. They confirmed that they too are banned from any visitation with Nasrin.According to the letter received by the visitation salon at Evin, even Nasrin’s father who passed away two years ago, continues to be on the list of individuals banned from visiting with her.

Reza Khandan
November 4th, 2012

در خبرها آمده بود که نسرین ستوده به مدت 3 هفته ممنوع الملاقات شده است. از آنجایی که من خودم هیچ خبری از قطعیت این خبر نداشتم امروز صبح بدون بچه ها به سالن ملاقات رفتم و در این مورد سوال کردم.
گفتند که بله ممنوع الملاقات است و امروز نمیتوانید ملاقات کنید.
در مورد لغو ممنوعیت ملاقات سایر اعضای خانواده ی نسرین پرسیدم که بیش از یک سال است ممنوع الملاقات هستند, اعلام کردند که آنها همچنان ممنوع الملاقات اند.
بر اساس نامه ای که به سالن ملاقات داده شده است حتی پدر نسرین که بیش از دو سال است به رحمت خدا رفته است, همچنان ممنوع الملاقات است


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