Incarcerated Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Continues Her Hunger Strike Despite Visitation With Family Members

From the Facebook Of Reza Khandan the husband of incarcerated human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh now on hunger strike for six days.

Today despite the fact that for the past year our visitation days with Nasrin have not coincided with the visitation days of her cell mates, we were finally allowed to visit with Nasrin.

Nasrin continues to be on a hunger strike and stated that her request that our visitation day be changed [as a result of conflicting schedules with Mehraveh’s school] was a minor request for her main demand from the judiciary is that they put an end to their relentless pressure on her family members.

From the day that they concocted a case file against our daughter Mehraveh banning her from leaving the country,  Nasrin wanted to do something in her defense. She was not only incapable of doing anything to help her daughter, but was also forced to witness the ever increasing pressures on her family. The refusal by the Office of the Prosecutor to grant the family the right to change their visitation day left her with no other recourse, triggering this latest  hunger strike.

She looked much thinner and weaker than I had imagined. Perhaps it is because the past two years have taken a toll on her physical strength and well being.  Despite the fact that she was still on a hunger strike, she was the only prisoner who had prepared a lunch behind the cabin window. She had predicted that the authorities may make an exception and allow the children to go to the other side if only for a few minutes and as a result she had prepared their favorite meal.  Though Nasrin herself was not eating she was feeding the children while she spoke to us.

امروز پس از نزديك به يك سال كه روزهاي ملاقات ما را از بقيه‌ي هم بندي‌هاي نسرين جدا كرده بودند، ملاقات كرديم.

نسرين همچنان در اعتصاب است. مي‌گفت تغيير روز ملاقات يك خواسته‌ي كاملا فرعي بود. خواست اصلي من برداشتن فشار قضايي از روي خانواده‌ام هست.

از روزي كه براي مهراوه پرونده‌سازي كردند و ممنوع الخروج، نسرين مي‌خواست برايش كاري بكند. او نه تنها نمي‌توانست هيچ كاري برايش انجام دهد بلكه هر روز فشار، بيشتر و بيشتر مي‌شد. مخالفت دادسرا با تغيير روز ملاقات در واقع جرقه‌اي شد براي شروع ماجراي اعتراض و اعتصاب.

خيلي بيش از حد تصورم ضعيف و لاغر شده بود. به دليل اينكه در اين دو سال توان جسمي‌اش تحليل رفته است.

درسته كه هنوز در اعتصاب غذا بود ولي با وجود اين تنها زنداني كه در پشت كابين سفره و بساط ناهار پهن كرده بود نسرين بود چرا كه احتمال مي‌داد براي دقايقي به بچه‌ها اجازه بدهند كه پشت كابين و پيش مادرشان بروند در نتيجه غذاي مورد علاقه‌ي آنها را پخته بود. نسرين، هم با ما حرف مي‌زد و هم به بچه‌ها غذا مي‌داد.

منبع فیسبوک رضا خندان


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