Mandatory Unpaid Furlough for 280 Workers Employed at Ahvaz Urban & Suburban Railway

280 employees at Kayson an Engineering and Construction company and contractor to Ahwaz Urban & Suburban Railway Organization have been forced to take unpaid furlough as a result of the company’s financial woes. The company announced lack of funds stemming from outstanding invoices related to its Ahvaz Urban Railway Project as the main reason behind the forced unpaid vacation of its work force. Employees at Kayson are concerned that this latest move by the company may lead to them losing their jobs permanently.

Kayson employees have reportedly not been paid salaries since April and the company has not met it’s obligation regarding severance packages for 200 employees , while 91 employees still await payment on promised increases in salaries.

There is no mentions of this news on Keyson’s English language website.



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