Ailing Incarcerated Journalist Isa Saharkhiz Launches Hunger Strike

Following his transfer from the hospital back to Rajai Shahr prison on Saturday night, imprisoned journalist and political prisoner Isa Saharkhiz launched a hunger strike, including refusing his medication in protest to judicial non compliance with the terms of his case file.

The physicians at Rajai Shahr prison reportedly published a letter on Sunday declaring that as previously stated they are unable to provide the necessary medial care to Saharkhiz at Rajai Shahr, reiterating that given that his life is in danger they cannot accept any responsibility for his life.

Saharkhiz had been receiving medical treatment for the past six months under arrest conditions at a hospital. When the Summit of the Non Aligned Movement commenced in Tehran, Saharkhiz was transferred from the hospital at 10:00 pm on Tuesday, August 28th, to Ward 209 at Evin prison. Protesting this unlawful transfer, Saharkhiz launched a hunger strike on the night he was transferred and began refusing medication a few days later.

Saharkkhiz had previously warned that he would launch a hunger strike in the event that the authorities decide to act against the recommendations of his physicians and transfer him back to the hospital.

Saharkhiz has launched this hunger strike despite the fact that his physicians had banned him from fasting during the month of Ramadan because of his heart and kidney condition. Given the latest reports, his family’s concerns for his physical condition and well being have intensified.

Source: Kaleme:


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