An Appeal to the UN Secretary General to Visit Opposition Leader Mir Hossein Mousavi

In an effort to bring attention to the continued illegal house arrest of Opposition Leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, recently hospitalized after heart complications, please take a few minutes to send the following appeal to the Secretary General of the United Ban Ki Moon who will be traveling to Tehran to attend the NAM Summit in a few days by:

1) Emailing the following letter to the UN inquiries email at

2) Visiting the UN facebook page at and copying the following letter to the “Recommendations” section.


دعوت از بان کی مون برای عیادت از میرحسین موسوی 
دوستان عزیز:

این متن رو به آدرس ایمیل سازمان ملل بفرستید.

برای اینکه حتما به اطلاع دبیر کل سازمان ملل برسه باید امروز و فردا تعداد زیادی از این درخواست نوشته بشه. هرکس می تونه این رو در پیج خودش هم بگذاره تا همه ببینند.

حتی می تونید به صفحه رسمی سازمان ملل برید

و این متن رو که درخواست دیدار دبیرکل با میرحسین هست در قسمت Recommendations کپی کنید.

همراه شو عزیز … ما بیشماریم

Subject An Appeal to the UN Secretary General to Visit Iran’s Detained Opposition Leader Mir Hossein Mousavi

Mr. Secretary General,

I am an Iranian citizen, and as a concerned Iranian I would like to invite you to visit Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi   during your stay in Tehran for the 16th Non-aligned Movement (NAM) summit. Mr Mousavi, the opposition leader, was recently hospitalized due to heart complications after 15 months of house arrest.

As you are aware, the ruling authoritarian powers have denied Dr. Shaheed the opportunity to visit the country and denied the findings of Dr. Shaheed’s reports, including the existence of political prisoners in Iran. They have even gone so far as to make the ludicrous claims that the 2009 election in Iran has been the most democratic election in the world, and that Mr. Mousavi, Mr.Karrubi and Mrs. Rahnavard are not under house arrest.

Your participation at the NAM Summit will provide a unique opportunity to expose the claims as false. The freedom-loving people of Iran expect the Secretary General of the United Nations, in fulfillment of the solemn responsibilities entrusted to him under the Charter, to utilize his visit to the country to meet with Mr. Mousavi, Mr. Karrubi and Mrs. Rahnavard and representatives of illegally banned civil and political organizations.

You excellency,

The democratic aspirations and the just demands of the Iranian people deserve the support of the international community, including the United Nations and the Secretary General. Your position as the international authority entrusted with the responsibility for the protection and promotion of universal human rights accords you a special role. We wish you success in discharging of this historical mission.

Best Regards


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