Mousavi’s Statements for Twittstorm Commemorating 3rd Anniversary of Rigged Elections In Iran (English)














The Green Wave 1/3 (with English Subtitles) #RememberIran #Mousavi


The Green Wave 2/3 (w/English Subtitles) #RememberIran #Mousavi


The Green Wave 3/3 (with English Subtites) #RememberIran #Mousavi


In Memory of the Leaders of Iran’s Green Movement who remained steadfast to their vow to the people. #RememberIran


Who is Mir Hossein #Mousavi the leader of the Green Movement? (Video) #RememberIran

Mir Hossein #Mousavi (Video) #RemeberIran

 Mir Hossein #Mousavi  #Remember Iran

It has been 480 Days since the illegal house arrest of the leaders of Iran’s Green Movement #Mousavi #RememberIran

480 days since Mir Hossein #Mousavi, Zahra Rahnavard & Mehdi Karroubi have been deprived of their basic human rights #RememberIran

Leaders of the Green Movement in house arrest for 480 days without access to a lawyer or a trial #RememberIran

Leaders of the Green Movement in house arrest for 480 days with limited to no access to their family & loved ones #RememberIran

Leaders of the Green Movement held hostage for 480 days against their will #RememberIran

480 days of illegal house arrest, yet the leaders of the Green Movement remain true to promise they made to the people #RememberIran

I Mir Hossein #Mousavi I have come to defend human dignity #RememberIran

I Mir Hossein #Mousavi  have come to defend the freedom of speech, expression and thought #RememberIran

I Mir Hossein #Mousavi  have come to defend the people’s right to be informed about their nation’s affairs #RememberIran

I Mir Hossein #Mousavi have come to be a vehicle for restoring Iran’s dignity, power and identity #RememberIran

I Mir Hossein #Mousavi have come 2 accompany U towards an Iran that is free, independent, thriving, modern & proud #RememberIran

#Mousavi: I have reentered the political arena because I find the existing political, social & cultural trends very worrisome #RememberIran

#Mousavi: Human Rights R God given. No ruler, gov, parliament, or other power can remove them or interfere with their safe-keeping #RememberIran

#Mousavi: It is not the battle, but life’s journey that is permanent and eternal #RememberIran

#Mousavi : It was not we who chose the color Green, but the color Green that chose us #RememberIran

#Mousavi:Is it possible 4 the color Green 2 touch the souls of our brothers?Yes 4 the color Green isn’t closed to anyone #RememberIran

#Mousavi: Protecting human rights requires respect 4 principles such as equality, tolerance, dialogue & peace #RememberIran

#Mousavi: Legitimacy & respect must B sought through improvement in the daily lives of ordinary people  #RememberIran

#Mousavi: While embracing diversity the Green Mov emphasizes the importance of a compassionate religion #RememberIran

#Mousavi:  We insist on a compassionate religion based on forgiveness, spirituality, morality & appreciation 4 human dignity. #RememberIran

#Mousavi: A compassionate Islam & ethical Islamic Rep is the only way to strengthen our religious values #RememberIran

#Mousavi: We must oppose the misuse of religion as an instrument #RememberIran

#Mousavi: Protecting independence of religious institutions & clergy from the State is key 2 position of religion in society #RememberIran

#Mousavi: Protect the flames of hope that reside within your hearts, for hope is the essence of our identity #RememberIran

#Mousavi: Living the Green Path of Hope is neither complicated, nor an invitation to delve into the unfamiliar #RememberIran

#Mousavi: Living the Green Path of Hope is R insight,vitality & ability 2 unite, speak w/ 1 voice & cont.on this peaceful path #RememberIran

#Mousavi:We strongly oppose the current corruption & abuse of power that stem from ineffective policies & incompetence #RememberIran

#Mousavi: We demand a gov that is honest and compassionate & views the diversity of votes as an asset rather than a threat #RememberIran

#Mousavi: Political legitimacy is derived from the votes of the people #RememberIran

#Mousavi: The Green Movement rejects all arbitrary and selective exercise under the pretext of Approbative Supervision #RememberIran

#Mousavi:  We oppose all actions contrary to the constitution and the basic rights of our citizens to self determination #RememberIran

Zahra Rahnavard:  We are not afraid because we know that we have spoken the truth #RememberIran


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