Nasrin Sotoudeh’s 12 Year Old Daughter Denied Visitation with Her Mother

From the Facebook of Reza Khandan husband of Incarcerated Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh:

What would you do if after much preparation, you took your two young children to visit their mother behind bars (a mother who has been incarcerated without a reason for 18 months and has not been granted a moment of furlough from prison) only to find that your 12 year old daughter who attended dressed i…n her school uniform, a dress code that is without a doubt acceptable in Iran, is denied visitation along with her brother because the prison guard claims that her dress code is not in accordance with Islamic code? What would you do when your young daughter and her 4 year old brother both so young and sensitive are forced to spend thirty minutes in the extreme cold outside of Evin prison? What would you do…..?

Reza Khandan
February 22nd, 2012

اگر 2 تا بچه را پس از كلي وقت و انرژي ببريد دادسرا تا دقايقي با مادرشان (كه 18 ماه است بدون دليل محكمه پسند در بازداشت است بدون يك ساعت مرخصي) از نزديك ملاقات كنند، اما دختر بچه را كه 12 سال دارد و با لباس مدرسه كه بي ترديد حجاب قابل قبولي در ايران هست به همراه برادر 4 ساله‌اش از نگهباني به خاطر بد بودن حجاب، بيرون كنند و آنها بيشتر از نيم ساعت در سرماي طاقت‌فرساي كوهپايه‌ي اوين سرگردان بمانند، در مقابل ناراحتي و گريه‌ي اين بچه در اين سن و سال حساس و فشاري كه بر شما و كودكان‌تان وارد مي‌شود چكار مي‌كنيد


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