“12 Years After His Arrest, I Still Have No Idea Whether My Son is Dead or Alive” Says Missing Tehran University Student Saeed Zeinali’s Mother

Thursday July 21st, 2011 – [Roozonline] – Tehran University student Saeed Zeinali was arrested 5 days after the widespread July 9th, 1999 [18 Tir 1378] student uprisings. In an interview with Fereshteh Ghazi’s Roozonline, Saeed Zeinali’s mother explains that twelve years after Saeed’s arrest, all inquiries into his disappearance have been in vain and the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran have yet to answer any questions regarding his whereabouts.

Saeed Zeinali, a computer science graduate of Tehran University, was arrested in the presence of his mother on July 14th, 1999. Since his arrest, with the exception of one short telephone conversation, his family has had no contact with him what so ever.

During the past twelve years, Saeed’s mother Akram Neghabi has approached every judicial and government institution in order to inquire about her son’s whereabouts. Neghabi says: “Twelve years have passed since Saeed was taken from us. They won’t even tell us whether he is dead or alive. All I ask of God is that I be given the opportunity to see my son’s corpse and to bury him. What else can I ask for?”

Mrs. Neghabi also spent two months in Evin’s Ward 209 after she and her daughter were arrested last year. She was eventually released on bail.  In an interview with Roozonline, Mrs. Neghabi discusses both her own case and the case against her son Saeed.

Mrs. Neghabi, it has been twelve years since the uprisings at the Tehran University dormitories. What news do you have of Saeed? 

Nothing. All our inquiries have been in vain. We have no idea whether our son is dead or alive….

Take us back if you may to twelve years ago. What exactly happened to Saeed? How he was arrested?

It was July 14th, 1999. We lived in Poonak. We were at home when the door bell rang. Three individuals entered our house, stating that they needed to question Saeed. His father was at work. I kept asking them where they were talking my son. They only replied that they will be taking him in for questioning and that he would be released shortly. They took him away. Three months later, Saeed contacted us briefly by phone and said: “I am fine. Please follow up on my case.” He never said where he was, nor did he explain why he had been detained.  We did as he had asked and inquired into his arrest. We visited very government institution we could think of a thousand times, all to no avail. Approximately six months after Saeed’s only telephone contact, I believe it was around the anniversary of Imam Ali’s birth that they called us and said: “We have called to give you good news and inform you that Saeed is well.”  We begged them to tell us where they were calling from. We begged to know Saeed’s whereabouts, but they did not respond to any of our questions.

On the day Saeed was arrested, did the individuals who arrested him inform you which government institution they were affiliated with? Did they have a court order?

They did not state their affiliation. The truth is I was so upset that I didn’t even think to ask. They searched the house. I was besides myself. Saeed’s face was white as a ghost and at the time I had no idea what I was doing. I had no familiarity with such issues. It didn’t occur to me to ask for a court order or warrant.

What response have you received throughout all these years?

They repeatedly state that they are looking into the matter. To date they have never informed us of Saeed’s whereabouts, nor have they told us what exactly happened to him.  We don’t know if he is dead or alive. At the time, the office of Mr. Naghdi informed us that our son had been detained by their operational unit and that we should stop inquiring as they will contact us themselves if necessary.  But we never heard back from them.  When Mr. Ghalibaf became the head of the security forces, General Fatehi contacted us from his office and requested that we provide him with a picture of Saeed so that they can inquire into his whereabouts.  Saeed’s father did as they requested and they promised to follow up on the matter and asked that we return the next week. When we arrived the next week, they first stated that we would be able to visit with Saeed in a few days, but later they said that it was not possible and the matter was unfortunately out of their hands. Four years ago, Mr. Salarkia stated that he had contacted the Intelligence Ministry and that the family was to be granted visitation with Saeed.  We went to Mr. Mortazavi’s office and they asked us to come back in ten days. Each time we arrived they postponed the date by ten days.  In the end they asked us to leave and informed us that they will contact us when necessary because even they were at the time not able to visit with Saeed.  We have a box full of letters we have accumulated over the years; letters that we sent to a myriad of government institutions from the Supreme Leader’s office, to the Intelligence Ministry, the Interior Ministry, the Prosecutor’s office and every other institution we could think of. We have inquired over and over again, but have never received an answer.

Have they [the authorities] ever informed you of Saeed’s whereabouts and exactly where he is being incarcerated?

They have provided us with no information regarding this matter.  After repeated inquiries, even Tehran Prosecutor, Mr. Dolatabadi’s office requested that we send them all our documents and files. Each time we visit Mr. Dolatabadi’s office, we are told that they are investigating the matter and they will contact us when they have reached a conclusion. Today my husband was at the prosecutor’s office once again from early morning until 4:00pm and still no news. They never provide us with definitive answers. They just ask that we remain patient and continue our inquiry.  Throughout the years they have repeatedly asked us to approach so many government institutions. We have visited them all.  There is no place left to visit. We have written so many letters. What are we to do? They won’t tell us whether he is still alive or whether he is dead… they won’t tell us where he is….

Have any of Saeed’s friends who were arrested at the same time during the student uprisings in 1999 ever heard from him?

Saeed’s friends had no news of him. However, the first time Ahmad Batebi was allowed to leave prison on medical furlough, I went to visit with him when he was at the hospital.  They wouldn’t let me see him, but I was able to speak with Ahmad’s mother. According to Ahmad, he had been with Saeed during the interrogation process and could hear Saeed’s voice…

Mrs. Naghabi, what was Saeed’s exact involvement during the student uprisings in 1999?

I have no idea. As God is my witness, I have no idea who Saeed was with on July 9th, 1999 and what he was doing or not doing. He was a strong willed boy and was just turning 23.  I have no idea why they came to our house and arrested him. Believe me, if I had been aware that he had done something, I would have hidden him so that they could not arrest him.  I know nothing more than you do. Years ago when Saeed’s father was inquiring about his case, they had informed him that Saeed was a member of Manouchehr Mohammadi’s group, but the truth is, we know nothing about this.

Last year you and your daughter were arrested. Pro government media outlets claimed that you are  affiliated with the Mojahedin Khalgh.  Do you believe that your arrest was as a result of your inquiries into Saeed’s circumstances?

God only knows that I had never heard the expression “Monafeghin” or “Mojahedin”* I have never been politically inclined. For twelve years I have done nothing but to inquire into my son’s whereabouts.  I gave an interview with VOA that led to my arrest and incarceration at Evin’s Ward 209 for two months.  They claimed that I had participated in demonstrations and that I was a member of the “Mourning Mothers” a Monafegh group.  All these claims were nothing but lies. Our phones have always been tapped so they are fully aware that we have not never been in contact with any group. I told them that I too am a mother and after our children were martyred on June 15th, I accompanied the Mourning Mothers at their gatherings at Laleh Park. I only participated three times and on the fourth gathering I was arrested along with the other mothers present at Laleh Park.  They asked me how I became acquainted with the Mourning Mothers. I told them that it was through them that we became acquainted.  We used to gather at the park but didn’t really know each other very well.  It wasn’t until we were arrested and taken to Vozara that we became more acquainted. None of the mourning mothers were Monafegh nor did they really know each other. Like myself, they were just mothers. During my interrogation process, they [government officials] asked me to recount Saeed’s story and after I did, they promised to inquire into who had been responsible for his arrest at the time. Later they retracted their promise and said that they were not responsible back then and as such the matter was out of their hands.

What is the latest update on the case against yourself and your daughter?

Our lawyers have presented our defense.  The judiciary has informed us that we will either be contacted by phone or we will be summoned. We are currently waiting to hear from the court.

It has been twelve years since Saeed’s arrest.  You and your daughter were also arrested. How is your family holding up?

Saeed was my first born.  He was almost 23 when they took him from us and we are entering the 13th year of his disappearance.  On September 21st this year, Saeed will turn 36.  Saeed’s father used to work for the Ministry of Industries and Mines. Despite his 28 year work history, he was fired two years after Saeed’s arrest. At first they asked him to take a one year leave of absence and later they stopped paying his wages.  They never responded to our inquiries regarding why he was fired.  We even hired a lawyer but he informed us that the Ministry refuses to answer him and their representative will not appear in court. I myself have reached the end of my rope. I want nothing from God. I only ask that my son’s corpse is delivered to me so that I can at least see him and bury him.  This is all I ask of God.  Our live has become a living hell.  We envy even those who have had the luxury to receive their children’s corpses and have been allowed to bury them. A few days ago I told Mrs. Arabi, I wish they would deliver my Saeed’s corpse too. In the past twelve years, every time the phone rings, my heart skips a beat and I yearn to hear some news of my son….

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

The only think I request of the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran is that if my son is alive, they allow me to see him and if he is dead, they deliver his body to our family.  I have no other wish in life.  They have tossed us around like a ball for twelve years.  We have no place else to turn.  We keep hitting our head against a wall, give up exhausted and start all over again.  May God help all mothers in my predicament to finally see their children some day. 

* [Monafeghin, or [hypocrites] is the term coined by the Islamic Republic of Iran to refer to the Mujahedin Khalgh (PMOI), a large exiled group in opposition to the Iranian regime.

Source: http://www.roozonline.com/persian/news/newsitem/article/12-13.html

پنجشنبه ۳۰ تير ۱۳۹۰

مادر سعید زینالی در مصاحبه با روز:

بعد از ۱۲ سال نمی دانم بچه ام زنده است یا مرده

فرشته قاضی


مادر سعید زینالی، دانشجویی که 5 روز بعد از 18 تیر 78 بازداشت شد و از آن زمان تاکنون هیچ خبری از وی در دست نیست در مصاحبه با “روز” اعلام کرد با گذشت 12 سال تمام پی گیری های خانواده برای گرفتن خبر بی نتیجه بوده و از سوی مسئولان بی پاسخ مانده است.

سعید زینالی، 23 تیر ماه 1378 در مقابل چشم های مادرش بازداشت شد و از آن تاریخ تاکنون، جز یک تماس تلفنی کوتاه، هیچ خبری از این فارغ التحصیل کامپیوتر دانشگاه تهران در دست نیست.

اکرم نقابی، مادر سعید زینالی که در این سال ها برای گرفتن خبری از فرزندش به تمام ارگان ها و مراکز قضایی و دولتی سر زده می گوید: “12 سال تمام شد، نه به ما می گویند که سعید زنده است و نه می گویند که مرده. من دیگر هیچ از خدا نمیخواهم

فقط حتی شده می خواهم جنازه بچه ام را ببینم و دفن اش کنم. دگر چه می توانم بخواهم”؟

خانم نقابی، که سال گذشته به اتفاق دخترش بازداشت شد و دوماه در بند 209 زندان اوین بود و با قرار وثیقه آزاد شده در مصاحبه با “روز” از سعید و پرونده خودش سخن می گوید.

خانم نقابی اکنون 12 سال از وقایع کوی دانشگاه تهران می گذرد؛ چه خبری از سعید دارید؟

هیچی. هر جا رفتیم و پی گیری کردیم به هیچ نتیجه ای نرسیدیم، نه میدانیم بچه ام زنده است و نه میدانیم مرده و…

ممکن است برگردیم به 12 سال پیش و بفرمایید چه اتفاقی برای سعید افتاد و چگونه بازداشت شد؟

23 تیر 78 بود. منزل ما پونک بود، ما در خانه بودیم که در را زدند. سه نفر آمدند تو و گفتند سئوالاتی از سعید داریم. پدر سعید سر کار بود، هر چه پرسیدیم سعید را کجا می برید گفتند فقط چند سئوال داریم و زود بر میگردد. او را بردند و سه ماه بعد یک تماس دو دقیقه ای گرفت و گفت “حالم خوبه و پی گیر کار من باشید”. نه گفت کجا است ونه اینکه چرا او را برده اند و چکار کرده و… ما هم پی گیر شدیم، هر ارگانی که فکر میکنید تا به حال هزاران بار رفته ایم اما هیچ نتیجه ای نگرفته ایم. حدود 6 ماه بعد از تماس سعید، فکر کنم میلاد امام علی بود به ما زنگ زدند و گفتند زنگ زده ایم خبر سلامتی سعید را بدهیم و خوشحالتان کنیم. هر چه پرسیدیم، التماس کردیم و اصرار کردیم که از کجا هستید و سعید کجاست هیچ جوابی ندادند.

روزی که سعید را بازداشت کردند به شما گفتند از کدام ارگان هستند؟ حکمی نشان دادند؟

نگفتند از کجا هستند من هم اینقدر حالم بد شده بود که نپرسیدم گفتند باید خانه را بازرسی کنند و کردند. از خودم بیخود شده بودم وقتی قیافه رنگ پریده سعید را دیدم. اینقدر هم آگاه نبودم یعنی اصلا به این مسائل اشنا نبودم که حکمی بخواهم و…

خب این مدت که پی گیری می کنید به شما چه پاسخی میدهند؟

مدام می گویند در حال پی گیری هستیم تا به حال نگفته اند سعید کجا است و چه بر سر او آمده، آیا زنده است یا مرده.فقط از دفتر آقای نقدی آن موقع به ما گفته بودند که بچه ات را واحد عملیات ما گرفته و بیخود نیایید هر موقع لازم بود خودمان تماس می گیریم. اما هیچ خبری نشد. بعد که آقای قالیباف شد فرمانده نیروی انتظامی از دفتر او سرهنگ فاطمی زنگ زد و گفت عکسی از سعید بیاورید تا پی گیری کنیم.پدر سعید عکس او را برد و گفتند پی گیری میکنیم هفته دیگر ملاقات کنید هفته بعد رفتیم گفتند همین روزها ملاقات می دهیم اما بعد گفتند دست ما نیست و متاسفیم. 4 سال قبل آقای سالارکیا گفت با وزارت اطلاعات صحبت کرده اند و قرار است به ما ملاقات دهند تا سعید را ببینیم. رفتیم دفتر آقای مرتضوی  گفتند ده روز دیگر بیایید. هی ده روز، ده روز تمدید کردند. اخر سرهم گفتند بروید هر موقع لازم بود خودمان تماس می گیریم و فعلا به خود ما هم اجازه نمیدهند و… تمام این سالها اندازه یک کارتن ما فقط  شماره نامه داریم که به ارگان های مختلف از بیت رهبری، وزارت اطلاعات، وزارت کشور و دادستانی و هر جایی که فکر کنید نوشته ایم و رفته ایم پی گیری کرده ایم و در نهایت هم به نتیجه ای نرسیده ایم.

آیا به شما گفته اند اصلا سعید کجا زندانی بوده یا الان کجاست؟

نه هیچ جوابی در این زمینه نمی دهند. ما اینقدر رفتیم و آمدیم که از دفتر آقای دولت ابادی هم از ما خواستند که هر چه نامه و سند و پرونده داریم برای آنها ببریم. بردیم اما هر بار که می رویم می گویند اقای دولت ابادی پی گیر است و به نتیجه که برسیم خبر میدهیم. امروز شوهرم از صبح تا ساعت 4 باز رفته بود اما خب خبری نیست دیگر. هیچ جواب قطعی نمیدهند، فقط می گویند صبر کنید پی گیری میکنیم. اینقدر این سالها گفته اند بیایید فلان جا و بروید بهمان جا و… که دیگر جایی نمانده نرفته باشیم. اینقدر شماره نامه داریم که چی بگویم آخر. نه به ما می گویند هست نه می گویند نیستو نه می گویند زنده است نه می گویند مرده نه می گویند کجاست و…

از دوستان فرزندتان چی؟ از کسانی که آن موقع سر همین مسائل کوی بازداشت شدند آیا کسی خبری از سعید نداشت؟

دوستانش که خبری نداشتند. اما احمد باطبی که بار اول از زندان به مرخصی آمد در اصل در بیمارستان بود که من رفتم دیدن او. نمی گذاشتند اما با مادر احمد صحبت کردیم. احمد می گفت که توی بازجویی ها با سعید بوده اند و صدای سعید را می شنیده و…

خانم نقابی، سعید فعالیت خاصی داشت؟ در کوی دانشگاه و…

من هیچی نمیدانم. خدا شاهد است اصلا نمیدانم سعید با چه کسانی بوده و 18 تیر چه میکرده و نمیکرده. بچه توداری بود فقط 22 سال داشت و تازه می رفت توی 23 سال. نمیدانم اصلا چرا امدند و او را بازداشت کردند. باور کنید اگر میدانستم کاری کرده می بردم و قایم اش میکردم نمیگذاشتم بازداشت اش کنند اما من هم همان قدر خبر دارم که شما خبر دارید. آن موقع ها به پدر سعید که پی گیر بود گفته بودند پسرت توی گروه منوچهر محمدی اینها بوده اماما واقعا هیچی نمیدانیم.

و سال گذشته خود شما و دخترتان بازداشت شدید و رسانه های حکومتی مدعی شدند که شما با مجاهدین ارتباط دارید. بازداشت شما ربطی به سعید و یا پی گیری هایی که می کردید داشت؟

نه خدا شاهد است که من اصلا نمیدانستم منافقین و مجاهدین یعنی چی. من که اصلا آدم سیاسی نبوده ام. 12 سال تمام دنبال نشانی از پسرم دویده ام. یک مصاحبه با صدای آمریکا کرده بودم که ما را گرفتند وبردند 209 اوین. دو ماه آنجا بودیم. گفتند شما توی تظاهرات بودید و با مادران عزادار هستید که انها منافق هستند و… همه اینها دروغ بود تلفن های ما همیشه کنترل می شود و خودشان هم میدانستند و میدانند من با جایی ارتباطی نداشتم و ندارم. به آنها هم گفتم که بعد از شهادت بچه ها در 25 خرداد من هم مادرم رفتم پارک لاله با مادران دیگر؛ دو یا سه بار رفتم، دفعه چهارم مرا با سایر مادران بازداشت کردند. از من می پرسیدند با مادران کجا اشنا شده ای؟ گفتم خود شما در وزرا ما را اشنا کردید. ما پارک می رفتیم اما اکثرا همدیگر را نمی شناختیم فقط همدیگر را در پارک میدیدیم اما وقتی ما را گرفتید وبردید وزرا خب با هم آشنا شدیم. مادران هم نه منافق بودند نه ارتباطی داشتند. انها هم مثل من مادر بودند. دو سه جلسه بازجویی هم درباره سعید از من پرسیدند و همه را گفتم گفتند که پی گیری میکنیم ببینیم چه کسانی آن موقع خودسرانه افراد را بازداشت میکردند و از کجا دستور می گرفتند و… بعد گفتند آن موقع ما نبودیم و دست ما نیست.

الان پرونده شما و دخترتان در چه مرحله ای است؟

آخرین دفاع را گرفته اند. گفتند بعد احضاریه میدهیم یا زنگ می زنیم فعلا که منتظریم ببینیم چی می شود.

و حالا بعد از 12 سال بی خبری از سعید و همچنین بازداشت خود شما و دخترتان خانواده شما چه وضعیتی دارند؟

سعید اولین پسر من بود داشت می رفت توی 23 سال و الان رفت توی 13 سال که او نیست.30 شهریور سعید 36 ساله می شود. پدر سعید کارمند وزارت صنایع بود که دو سال بعد از بازداشت سعید او را با 28 سال سابقه کار بیرون کردند اول گفتند برو یکسال استراحت کن و پا در هوا نگهداشتند و بعد حقوق او را هم قطع کردند و هر چه پی گیری هم کردیم اصلا نگفتند چرا. وکیل هم گرفتیم اما گفت  وزارتخانه جواب نمیدهد و نماینده اش به دادگاه نمی آید. خود من هم که دیگر توانی ندارم. از خدا هیچی نمیخواهم فقط می گویم جنازه بچه ام را ببینم و بعد دفنش کنند. از خدا فقط همین را میخواهم. به خدا زندگی برای ما جهنم است. می گویم خوش به حال کسانی که جنازه بچه هایشان را گرفتند و دفن کردند. چند روز پیش به خانم اعرابی می گفتم کاش جنازه سعید مراهم  بدهند. هر کسی زنگ میزند از جا می پرسم 12 سال است می پرم و می گویم از سعید خبری آورده اند و…

خانم نقابی صحبت خاصی دارید بفرمایید.

فقط از مسئولین میخواهم مرا، دور از جان، سگ پا بوس به حساب بیاورند اما بگذارند بچه ام را ببینم اگر زنده است زنده اش را و اگر مرده است جنازه اش را. دیگر هیچ آرزویی ندارم ما را عین توپ این طرف و آن طرف پرتاب نکنند رفت توی 13 سال به خدا دیگر جانی نداریم. خسته می شویم، می نشینیم و باز دوباره شروع میکنیم. خدا خودش کمک کند و همه مادرهای چشم به راه از چشم به راهی در بیایند


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