Help Nima, Nasrin Sotoudeh’s 3 Year Old Son, Name The Large, Red Clown Knit by His Mother

July 6th, 2011 – Reza Khandan – The Large Clown Doll Nasrin Was Knitting for Nima Finally Arrived. Will You Please Help Us Name Him?

Do you recall this paragraph from Nasrin’s recent letter to our 3 year old son Nima?

“I am knitting you a rather large clown doll. Though it takes over my study time, it is my motherly love that constantly draws me to your doll every time I have a moment to spare. I’m a little worried about how it will turn out, but hope that you will like it.”

The large clown doll Nasrin was knitting for Nima finally arrived. We would love to name him and look forward to your suggestions.

Reza Khandan

Source: Reza Khandan’s Facebook:

Original Letter by Nasrin Sotoudeh to Nima:

اين پاراگراف نامه‌ي نسرين به نيما را يادتان هست؟

“دارم برايت يك عروسك دلقك تقريبا بزرگي مي‌بافم. البته وقتم را مي‌گيرد. وقت مطالعه‌ام را مي‌گيرد. اما عشق مادري مدام وادارم مي‌كند تا هر گاه كه بيكار مي‌شوم به سراغ عروسكت بروم. كمي نگران و بي‌تابم كه آيا خوب در مي‌آيد يا نه، ولي اميدوارم خوب شود”

بالاخره عروسك دلقك رسيد و مايلم با مشاركت دوستان برايش نام انتخاب كنيم لطفا پيشنهاد بدهيد


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