Reza Khandan: The Children Were Once Again Denied Face to Face Visitation With Their Mother Today!

Incarcerated lawyer and political activist Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband, Reza Khandan, posted the following status on his Facebook page today:Today, Sunday July 3rd, 2011, prison officials prevented the children from having a face to face meeting with their mother; this while the last face to face meeting they had with their mother was 11 days ago.

I told one of the prison officials that you are torturing our 3 year old son so that his mother will confess to things she has not done!

As a result, Nasrin announced that unless the children are provided regular face to face visitation, in an act of protest, she will no longer attend any “cabin” visitations [visitations from behind a glass window].

Source: Reza Khandan’s Facebook Page:

رضا خندان – امروز يكشنبه مسولين زندان از ملاقات حضوري بچه‌ها جلوگيري كردند
اين در حالي است كه آخرين ملاقات حضوري و غير رسمي آنها با مادرشان به 11 روز پيش برمي‌گردد

به يكي از مسئولين زندان گفتم شماها اينطوري بچه‌ي 3 ساله‌ي ما را شكنجه مي‌دهيد تا مادرش به كارهاي ناكرده اعتراف كند

نسرين هم اعلام كرد چنانچه به طور منظم امكان ملاقات حضوري بچه‌ها ميسر نشود به عنوان اعتراض ملاقات‌هاي كابيني هم نخواهم آمد


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