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February 27th 2011 –  Translator’s Note: I decided to translate this piece, because at times it is difficult to find words to express how we feel… the feelings are too deep, too complex, too raw… It  has been difficult to find the words that eloquently express the past year and a half of our nation’s Green struggle and its culmination to this day… a day when our leaders, the steadfast and loyal companions of the people’s Green movement of Iran were robbed from us and taken to God knows where…. These are the words in the hearts and minds of many  young, freedom fighting Green Iranians who have dedicated themselves to the plight of the great people of our great nation, who came to the streets to demand what was rightfully theirs, the right to dignity and self determination. These are the words that express the heartfelt emotions of every freedom fighting Iranian. My thanks to Mani Irani for posting the original Farsi text.
In my mind, two categories of individuals emerged in Iran after Saturday June 13th, 2009 [the day after the rigged presidential elections]: those who were disappointed and in despair and those who shrugged their shoulders defiantly stating: “Why should I care? This is none of my business… ” It was after that day, that I began to develop a bond and affection for the weeping men and women of my nation. During the next twenty months I began distancing myself from those who did not follow the political events and without the need to express words, I inevitably became closer to those who were Green at heart and had pinned their hopes on the future, anxiously awaiting every reaction by Mousavi and Karroubi to the daily events around them.
Twenty months have passed. I still wear my Green bracelet. I continue to write. I continue to read. I encourage others to read. I flourish in all that is Green, fostering awareness. I engage in endless discussions, converting the hopeless into hopeful and through it all try to be a better person. The thought of a lie entering my mind, regardless of how small or insignificant is eradicated every time I envision the face of the coup aggressor.  Now that I am Green, now that I am the humble soldier of Mir Hossein Mousavi, I know unequivocally that I have become a better person.
Don’t mock me, but I often wonder about Mir Hossein Mousavi, Zahra Rahnavard, Mehdi Karroubi and his wife these days.  Are they reading a book? Are they thinking of us? Are they aware of the fact that we have planned to demonstrate every Tuesday until the arrival of the New Year? Do they have enough food or are they hungry? Does Mir Hossein realize that we remember his upcoming birthday? Perhaps his mind is filled with thoughts of his next unwritten statement [to the nation]….

Dream Land

بعد از شنبه ۲۳ خرداد ۸۸ مردم ایران برایم دو دسته شدند. آن‌ها که در این روز بغض کردند و آن‌ها که شانه بالا انداختند که به من چه؟ بعد از آن روز بود که بی‌دلیل کسانی را که گریه کردند چه مرد، چه زن؛ دوست‌تر داشتم. طی این بیست ماه از آن‌ها که اخبار سیاسی را دنبال نمی‌کردند فاصله گرفتم و بی‌هیچ حرفی با آن‌ها که دلشان سبز بود و امیدوار به آینده و منتظر واکنش هر آنِ موسوی و کروبی به واقعه‌ای بودند، نزدیک‌تر شدم.

و حالا بیست ماه می‌گذرد و دستبند سبزم در دستم هست هنوز. می‌نویسم. می‌خوانم. هم‌خوان می‌کنم. سبز بودنم را تکثیر می‌کنم. آن‌ها را که بی‌خبر از اخبارند را خبردار می‌کنم. بحث می‌کنم. ناامید‌ها را امیدوار می‌کنم و سعی می‌کنم انسان بهتری باشم و در لحظه‌ای که بخواهم دروغی هرچند کوچک بگویم عکس کودتاچی مقابلم ظاهر می‌شود و منصرف می‌شوم. حالا که سبزم، حالا که سرباز کوچک میرحسین هستم، بی‌هیچ تعارفی احساس می‌کنم انسان بهتری شده‌ام.

به من نخندید اما گاهی فکر می‌کنم الان میرحسین موسوی و رهنورد یا کروبی و همسرش چکار می‌کنند. کتاب می‌خوانند؟ به ما فکر می‌کنند؟ می‌دانند تا آخر سال سه‌شنبه‌ها قرار راهپیمایی است؟ غذا دارند آنقدر که گرسنه نباشند؟ میرحسین می‌داند تولدش را ما به یاد داریم؟ یا شاید طرح بیانیه‌ای را در سر داشته باشد که هنوز ننوشته باشد.

سرزمین رویایی


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