>Divided We Fall… United We Shall Overcome….


Tuesday February 15th, 2011

Before we condemn Mousavi and Karroubi for their statements following the February 14th, 2011 [25 Bahman 1389] demonstrations and rush to criticize their support for the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and its founder Imam Khomeini, let us remind ourselves of the conditions in which they find themselves. Both men are under house arrest. They have been incommunicado for days with no access to cell phones or landlines. According to Mousavi’s daughters the entrance to the dead end street leading to his house is blocked by security vans and no one has been allowed to enter his house for 48 hours. They are not even sure if their parents are at their residence or if they have been transferred to a different location. Let us not forget the chanting today by MPs in parliament demanding that both men be executed and Larijani’s subsequent decision to form a committee to “investigate the anti-revolutionaries” responsible for this week’s demonstrations…. You begin to get the picture…

Mousavi and Karroubi’s statements regarding Khomeini’s ideals refer to the vision presented at the onset of the revolution, which included such things as the freedom to hold free and fair elections, freedom of the press and expression, etc. In order to understand Mousavi’s definition of freedom and democracy for Iran one must refer to his statement #18 (see link to English Translation: http://khordaad88.com/?p=1691) in which he lays the foundation for the Green movement based on democratic principals such as freedom of speech and expression, freedom of the press, freedom to hold free and fair elections, human rights, women’s rights, protection of the ethnic and religious minorities, and separation of religion and state to name a few….

Let us not forget that the brave people of Iran came to the streets in the hundreds of thousands two days ago in response to a calling by Mousavi and Karroubi. The Green warriors in Iran believe in and support their leaders and understand better than anyone else the difficult conditions they are operating under.

We must remain united in our fight against the illegitimate government of Iran, for divided we fall and united we shall overcome….

Banooye Sabz


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