Majid Tavakoli’s Physical Condition Improving -Meets With Tehran Prosecutor


Tuesday August 10th, 2010 – Majid Tavakoli, student activist is no longer in critical physical condition. Tavakoli was transferred yesterday, on the 15th day of his hunger strike and in dire physical condition to the prison infirmary after losing consciousness.

Last night, RAHANA reported that Majid Tavakoli was in critical physcial condition and had lost consciousness. Today, after having ended his hunger strike along with 15 other political prisoners, Tavakoli’ s physcial condition is improving.

According to reports from RAHANA, Tavakoli met with Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, and once again expressed his demands. According to published reports, the 15 political prisoners who had been on hunger strike for two weeks have ended their hunger strike. At the time this report was published they had not yet contacted their family members.

It has also been reported that Keyvan Samimi, will continue with a wet hunger strike until the rest of prisoners who have ended their hunger strike are transferred from solitary confinement to the general ward Evin.


د وضعیت جسمی مجید توکلی و ملاقات وی با داستان تهران | رهانانسخه مناسب چاپ کد خبر: 0822304 سه شنبه , ۱۹ مرداد , ۱۳۸۹ @ ۵:۲۴ ب.ظ خبرگزاری

پانزده زندانی سیاسی که از هفته گذشته در اتصاب غذا به سر می‌بردند بنا بر اخبار منتشر شده به اعتصاب خود پایان داده‌اند، تا لحظه تنظیم این خبر هیچ کدام از آن‌ها با خانواده‌های خود تماس نداشته‌اند.

کیوان صمیمی نیز بنابر گزارش‌ها گفته است تا انتقال زندانیان دیگر به بند عمومی به اعتصاب غذای خود ادامه خواهد داد

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