United We Stand, Divided We Fall – Words of Wisdom for Mousavi Doubters & Attackers Within the Green Movement


I decided to translate this piece as it goes to the heart of what I believe the Green movement needs more than anything right now; mainly to remain realistic, fair minded and most importantly united. I recommend this as a MUST READ for all freedom fighting Iranians, particularly those outside of Iran who have had a tendency to jump the gun and more often than not criticize the opposition in Iran, without paying much attention to the current conditions in Iran or providing a viable alternative.

Words of Wisdom for Mousavi Doubters & Attackers Within the Green Movement
By an Iranian Blogger: The One Who Has Foresight

This note is addressed to those friends within the Green Movement who refer to themselves as supporters of “secularism” and yet have put their main focus in the past few months on attacking Mousavi and Karroubi, treating them as though they are the movement’s main enemies. To those friends I say, like you, I too am a supporter of secularism. However, my support for secularism does not preclude me from being fair and keeping my eyes open to the truth. To my friends I say, if Mousavi had followed Rezaii’s example, or even Khatami’s for that matter; had he withdrawn from his position and washed his hands of all responsibilities after the elections, would there be a trace of a movement left for you the “true representatives” of the movement who attack Mousavi to now analyze, discuss and argue over? Should we not try to apply some standard of fairness? Do you believe that if Mousavi, like Rezaii had selected a path of betrayal and accepted the results of the rigged elections, millions of people would have come to the streets holding “your flag”?

Realistically, if this man had compromised, would there have been any trace of a Green Movement and the demonstrations that ensued after the elections for our history books to capture? Mousavi could have chosen to capitulate and surrender, just like Rezaii did, taking advantage of all the benefits associated with a surrender of that nature. Had he taken that path, he would not have lost his nephew, nor would he have had to forfeit any position, power or financial gain; if anything he would have gained more power and had access to higher positions within the regime. But no, instead he chose the people’s path and decided to stand with the people. He even had the humility to never once in this year refer to himself as the leader of this movement, but rather as nothing more than one of its many members. He is not interested in lying or deceit. In fact from the very start he has been forthright and honest about his beliefs and the path he has taken, making sure that there is no misunderstanding about what his beliefs are. Whether we agree with him or not, we must accept the fact that he has a high level of political tolerance. Mousavi has repeatedly and in a clear and honest manner stated his sincere belief that Khomeini’s era was a golden age in Iran’s history. Despite his personal belief, he has also clearly reiterated that he strongly believes that the Green movement does not belong to one group and that we must embrace and accept different ideas, viewpoints and discourse within the movement. Mousavi has opened the doors of the Green movement and welcomed everyone under its vast umbrella. At the same time, we must realize and concede that in order to stay in Iran and continue fighting for our people, he has no choice right now but to accept certain limitations and constraints; otherwise his activities will surely be restricted even more than they already have been.

Unlike our friends in London and Washington, Mousavi cannot publish radical statements, because if he does, he will find himself in prison the next day. Are we so naive to actually believe that under the current conditions in Iran he can say what ever he pleases? We can be certain of one thing that many of the factions putting pressure on the movement and particularly those close to the Supreme Leader are looking for one false move, one wrong word from Mousavi to bring him down and deliver his head to the Supreme Leader.

So to my friends I say once again, let us try to be fair minded. Let us try to be patient. The Green Movement is a united movement. There is room for all of us under its umbrella and no one is being excluded from participating. Our current strategy should be to maintain a united front and focus on our common goal to overthrow Anmadinejad’s oppressive and destructive government; a government that if remains in power for the next few years, is intent on destroying Iran and all Iranians. Instead of narrowing our united movement and attacking those who are one of us, we should point our arrows at our main enemies; those who are dangerous to all Iranians, in other words, the government of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei. Let us never forget who our real enemies are. Let us refrain from childish arguments within our movement. We have not won any trophies yet, so it is premature to say the least for us to be fighting over them. Let us hope that the day will never come when arrest warrants are issued for the Mousavis and Karroubis of our movement, because then we will be left empty handed. That will be the day when we will regret having forgotten and neglected our real enemies and instead aimed our focus on Mousavi.

To my friends I say that if you believe that the arrest and removal of the Mousavis, Karroubis and other reform seekers will result in a more favorable situation for you, then you are gravely mistaken. If that were to happen, the removal and annihilation of a few secularists and the remaining other small groups in Iran will be but a simple task for the likes of Ahmadinejad.The existence of reformers and the likes of Mousavi and Karroubi, are vital elements, much like a scaffolding, or first stage in building and further developing Iran’s infant democracy. Without this staging, our foundation will crumble and our infant democracy will be trampled upon and destroyed by our enemies. All of us seeking democracy need this foundation. So let us make an effort together not to put more pressure on this scaffolding but rather to allow it to stand. Let us refrain from destroying the very foundation upon which our democracy may stand one day stand.

Our victory is near….

http://irangreenrevolution .wordpress.com/2010/07/08/a-word-with-anti-mussavis-in-green-movement/

سخنی از سر درد با موسوی تازان و موسوی رزمان جنبش سبز(دوراندیش)
بدست دوراندیش

دوستانی که اسم سکولار و غیره بر خود گذاشته و خود را عضو جنبش سبز میدانند ولی فعالیت اصلی خود را در ماههای اخیر متمرکز بر حمله به موسوی و کروبی به جای دشمن اصلی کرده اند . دوستان ، من نیز مانند شما یک سکولار هستم ولی نمیتوانم بی انصاف باشم و یا چشم بر حقیقت ببندم . دوستان ، آیا اگر موسوی هم مانند رضایی و یا حتی خاتمی بعد از انتخابات عافیت گزیده بود و کنار کشیده بود آیا اثری از این جنبش بر جای مانده بود که حالا شما به عنوان میراث خواران و “نمایندگان راستین ” آن بر موسوی بتازید ؟ دوستان ، آخر قدری انصاف هم خوب چیزی است . فکر میکنید اگر موسوی مثل رضایی راه خیانت برگزید ه بود و نتیجه انتخابات را میپذیرفت مردم زیر پرچم “شما” به خیابان می آمدند و تظاهرات ملیونی میکردند؟ آیا واقعا این را باوردارید ؟ آیا قبول دارید اگر این مرد کوتاه آمده بود اثری از جنبش سبز و تظاهرات بعدی در تاریخ ما بر جای نمیماند ؟ موسوی هم میتوانست مانند رضایی تسلیم شود و از فواید آن تسلیم حسابی بهر ه ببرد. نه خواهر زاده ای از دست دهد و نه مالی و نه پستی و مقامی بلکه چند پست و مقام دیگر هم به دست آورد . ولی خیر، او راه مردم را برگزید و در کنار آنها ماند . او حتی این فروتنی را داشت که هرگز در طی این یکسال خود را رهبر جنبش ندانست بلکه خود را فقط عضوی از اعضای جنبش میداند و بس. دروغ و دغل هم نمیکند بلکه از همان ابتدا صاف و ساده و روراست اعتقادات خود را بیان کرده و راه خود را مشخص کرده تا مبادا کسی در مورد اعتقادات او اشتباه کند . ولی باید اینرا قبول کنید که تحمل سیاسی او زیاد است . او بارها صاف و صادق و بی ریا گفته که اعتقاد من این است که عصر خمینی عصر طلایی تاریخ ایران بوده است اما با اینهمه من تضاد و تفاوت عقاید در جنبش سبز را قبول دارم و آن را منحصر به فقط گروه خود نمیدانم . او در جنبش را برای همه گشوده و چتر جنبش را بر سر همه گسترده است .در عین حال قبول کنید که به علت ماندن در ایران مجبور است بعضی محدودیتها را بپذیرد تا دایره فعالیتش از این هم که هست محدوتر نشود . او نمیتواند بیانیه های رادیکال از قماش بیانیه های دوستان لندن و واشنگتن نشین بدهد برای اینکه روز بعدش جایش در زندان خواهد بود . یعنی شما اینقدر ساده اید که فکر میکنید در شرایط فعلی درون ایران او میتواند هرچه بخواهد بگوید ؟ مطمئن باشید بسیاری از گروههای فشار و اطرافیان رهبر فقط منتظر هستند یک کلمه و جمله خطا از او صادر شود تا آنان سرش را برای رهبر بیاورند .

دوستان ، کمی با انصاف باشید . صبر داشته باشید . جنبش سبز یک جبهه متحد است . درون آن برای همه ما جا هست و هیچکس جا را بر دیگران تنگ نکرده . استراتژی فعلی این جبهه متحد و هدف مشترک آن سرنگون کردن دولت ویرانگر احمدی نژاد است ، دولتی که اگر چند سال دیگر بر سریر قدرت بماند اثری از ایران و ایرانی باقی نخواهد ماند . به جای تنگ کردن جا بر دیگران درون این جبهه متحد و حمله به خودیها ، نیزه ها ی خود را به سمت دشمن اصلی ، دشمن خطرناک همه ایرانیان ، دولت احمدی نژاد و خامنه ای نشانه روید . هرگز از یاد مبرید دشمن اصلی کیست و در گیر دعواهای کودکانه و بچگانه درون گروهی نشوید . هنوز غنیمتی به چنگ نیامده که بر سر تصاحب آن به جنگ برخاسته اید . خدا نکند آن روز برسد که دستور دستگیری موسویها و کروبیها صادر شود که آنگاه علی میماند و حوضش و آن روز تاسف خواهید خورد که چرا دشمن اصلی را فراموش کرده بودید و به جان موسوی افتاده بودید . فکر میکنید اگر موسویها و کروبیها و اصلاح طلبان دستگیر شوند و از راه شما کنار روند اوضاع به نفع شما خواهد شد ؟ سخت بر خطا هستید چون آنگاه سرکوب چند سکولار و یا سایر گروههای کوچک باقیمانده درون ایران برای احمدی نژادها بسیار آسانتر خواهد شد . وجود اصلاح طلبان و موسوی و کروبی همچون داربستی است که نهال نوزاد دموکراسی ایران اکنون برای رشد و نمو خود به آن محتاج است . بدون این داربست این نهال بر زمین می افتد و زیر لگد دشمنان دموکراسی له میشود . ما ، همه ما کوشندگان راه دموکراسی، به این داربست احتیاج داریم . پس سعی کنیم به آن لگد نزنیم و داربست را بر زمین نکوبیم . هنوز زمان لازم است تا این نهال به مرحله ای از رشد برسد که بتواند بر پای خود بایستد و بدون آن داربست هم توان ایستادگی داشته باشد .

“پیروزی نزدیک است”



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