They say our leaders are fearful – I respect my fearful leaders. I care for them deeply. I admire their noble apprehension!


They say our leaders are fearful – I respect my fearful leaders! I admire their noble apprehension!

There was a time when we had a leader in our country who gave “firm commands”. No one really understood what logic those commands were based on. He was so secretive about the manner in which he gave commands that many thought he was even supernatural! They would decide for example that there should be martial law and the leader would order “Ignore it!” They would announce that permission had been given to shoot at people and the leader would order “Ignore it!”. They would say, people have been slaughtered and our leader would respond “Kill us all, it will only make our nation stronger!” This leader gave commands with such certainty that he was revered by all and became known as the “charismatic leader”. Millions were love torn by his courage and decisiveness and legends were written about his strength. But no one ever asked “Who were the ones who were killed?” “How many mothers sat in mourning for their sons and daughters?” “How many children were orphaned?” “How many people were widowed?”

With the passage of time, this decisive leader continued with his decisive commands. He said “Khoramshahr must be freed!”, and it was. “Attack now!”, and they did. “Kill!”, and they did. “Get killed!”, and they did. The leader would order and everyone obeyed. That’s because this leader had courage. He was so courageous that he was able to send thousands of people into mine filled fields without raising an eyebrow. Thanks to this leader and his victorious reign, hundreds of thousand of young people were martyred, their chests filled with bullets with hundreds of thousands of flower petals dispersed in their honor. His name would be recorded in history, he who had such courage and decisiveness.

These days we have a new generation of leaders, who are supposedly hesitant and fearful. They worry. They shed tears in the honor of Sohrab and are ashamed of what happened to Ashkan and heavily burdened by what happened to Neda and Taraneh. These days we have leaders whose hands shake each time they must issue a command to attack. They say that these days we have fearful leaders, whose voiced shiver when the time comes when they must give the order “Die!” These days we have leaders who prefer to say “In order to protect the lives and livelihood of the people of our nation, there will be no demonstrations.”

I admire these fearful leaders….. I care for them deeply… I admire their noble apprehension.


رهبران ما ترسویند

یک زمان رهبری در این کشور پیدا شده بود که «قاطعانه» «فرمان» می داد. هیچ کس نمی دانست بر اساس چه منطقی فرمان داده است. آنچنان در این فرمان دادن هایش مرموز بود که بسیاری وی را با ماوراءالطبیعه مرتبط دانستند. مثلا گفته می شد حکومت نظامی است، رهبر فرمان می داد «ندیده بگیرید». می گفتند حق تیر داده اند، رهبر فرمان می داد «ندیده بگیرید». می گفتند کشتار به راه انداخته اند، رهبر فرمان می داد «بکشید ما را، ملت ما بیدارتر می شود». آن رهبر آنچنان قاطع فرمان می داد که محبوب شد. رهبر کاریزماتیک شد. میلیون ها نفر به عشقش سینه چاک می دادند و از شهامت و قاطعیت و قدرت رهبریش افسانه می ساختند. اما هیچ کس نگفت آنان که کشته شدند که بودند؟ چند مادر به سوگ فرزند نشستند؟ چند فرزند یتیم شدند؟ چند نفر بیوه شدند؟

رهبر قاطع بعدها هم به فرامین قاطع اش ادامه داد. «خرمشهر باید آزاد شود». آزاد شد. «لیکن حمله کنید». حمله کردند. «لیکن بکشید». کشتند. «لیکن کشته شوید». کشته شدند. رهبر فرمان می داد و همه اطاعت می کردند. آخر رهبر شهامت داشت. آنقدر شهامت و شجاعت داشت که صدها هزار نفر را بدون اینکه خم به ابرو بیاورد روانه میدان مین می کرد. سینه صدها هزار جوان را سپر گلوله و رگبار می کرد و در نهایت، بر مزار هزاران هزار شهید، صدها هزار گل پرپر شده این «رهبر» بود که پیروز بود. نام او بود که در تاریخ می ماند. او با تمام «شهامت» و «قاطعیتش».

این روزها رهبرانی پیدا شده اند که می ترسند. که نگرانند. که اشک می ریزند در سوگ سهراب و شرمنده اند از روی اشکان و شکسته پشتشان از داغ ندا و ترانه. این روزها رهبران متزلزلی پیدا شده اند که دستشان می لرزد هرگاه می خواهند فرمان حمله را صادر کنند. این روزها رهبران ترسویی پیدا شده اند که صدایشان می لرزد آنگاه که باید فریاد «کشته شوید» سر دهند. و این روزها رهبرانی پیدا شده اند که می گویند: «برای حفظ جان و مال مردم راهپیمایی برگزار نمی شود». من این رهبران ترسو را دوست دارم، به احترام همین ترس مقدس شان


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