A perspective from Inside Iran – “Why I believe the people of Iran should come to the streets this 22nd of Khordad, June 12th, & Why I will be there!”


I decided to translate this piece written today by a dear friend because so often we hear brave words of wisdom from Iranians outside of Iran who sit in the safety of their warm living rooms abroad and passionately argue the virtues of why we need to rise, shed blood and have an over night revolution to get rid of this tyrannical regime. While we give our opinions and argue back and forth, some of our brothers and sisters are actually living this misery. I dedicate this translation to all the brave people who have gone back to Iran to be there for the 22nd of Khordad and all those who live there and have been putting their lives at risk every day so that some day our country may be free at last.

Why I believe the people of Iran should come to the streets this 22nd of Khordad & why I will be there… (by @manic77)

I cannot officially invite people to come to the streets this Saturday, but I personally never like to abandon the scene and as such I will be there on Saturday. Mousavi and Karroubi may have canceled the official demonstrations, but they have clearly left the decision to the people of Iran. To this day, neither of them have unequivocally said, come or not come. This brings the point right back to us….

My friends and I and many others we know will be going out this 22nd of Khordad (June 12th). We can’t however, naively expect for the turn out to be like last year on the 25th Khordad, because we also know a few people who came on that day, but are no longer willing to come. They are still Greener than ever but they fear for their lives. To a certain degree, although it’s unfortunate, I understand where they are coming from. Perhaps when they see that we are in the streets they will change their minds and decide to join us later. In general, I want to emphasize that many of those who attended all the demonstrations last year have been preparing for weeks for the 22nd of Khordad and they will all be present again.

Every single person who considers themselves Green and has the means, should attend this Saturday the 22nd of Khordad. It is worth mentioning that the university exams have been scheduled for this day as well. As such the students at the University of Tehran, Sharif and Amir Kabir who all plan to commemorate this day and protest, will be in the midst of taking exams until the afternoon. They have all announced that after their exams are over they plan to join the people in the streets.

We too have an obligation to tell everyone we know to attend. My friends and I will be there for sure. Everyone must make their decision based on their level of bravery and tolerance for fear. Today it is important for us to focus on the fact that the smallest sacrifices will lead to enormous societal awareness. All we need to do on the 22nd of Khordad is go to the streets and march. There is no need for slogans or any type of altercation. Our goal is not necessarily to start a revolution tomorrow. If we have the critical mass on Saturday we will also shout out slogans for change, but what is key and vital is that we attend. We must NOT let go of the golden opportunity in front of us this 22nd of Khordad.

“We are Countless” is not just a slogan for me, I believe in it with all my heart. I also don’t need a permit by a government that has no legitimacy in my eyes to claim what is rightfully mine. The permit for the demonstrations on this 22nd of Khordad was paid with the blood of our Green martyrs.

We will go out this 22nd of Khordad. The decision to attend is yours, but we will be expecting you….


On Thursday 10th June 2010, @manic77 said:

@aliibaabaa #IranElection

من نمیتونم کسی رو دعوت کنم ولی شخصا دوست ندارم صخنه رو خالی بزارم و شنبه میرم .ببینین موضع میرحسین و کروبی هم مشخص هست راهپیمایی رسمی رو کنسل کردن و تصمیم را سپردنش به مردم… تا امروز هم هیچ وقت قطعی نگفتن بیاین یا نه این بر می گرده به خود ما .

من و دوستام با خیلی های دیگر که میشناسم ۲۲ خرداد میریم بیرون. اما اگر انتظار داریم مثل ۲۵ خرداد پارسال بشه که خیلی خوش باوریه چون چند نفر را هم میشناسم که اون روز (۲۵ خرداد ) اومده بودن دیگه حاضر نیستن بیان.. سبز سبزند ولی میترسند تا حدی هم بهشون حق می دم… اما مطمئن هستم اونایی که میگن نمیایم ، اونا هم ببینند ما بیرون هستیم میان ولی خوب شاید یخورده دیر تر … در کل الان خیلی ها هستند که در تمام تظاهرات ها بودند و برای ۲۲ خرداد امسال هم هفته هاست که برنامه گذاشتند و میان . تک تک ما که خودمان را سبز میدونیم و امکانش را داریم باید ۲۲ خرداد شرکت کنیم. در ضمن شنبه امتحان دانشجو ها را گذاشتن .دانشجوها ی دانشگاه امیر کبیر، تهران و شریف که همه توی مسیر هست تا عصر ۲۲ خرداد امتحان دارند و بدشم خیلی از دانشجوها هماهنگ کردند که بیان بیرون و در کنار مردم باشند . ما هم باید از هرکسی که میتونیم دعوت کنیم بیان،خلاصه ما شنبه میریم .. هرکی هم قد غیرت خودش میتونه تصمیم بگیره . الان ما باید فکر کنیم که با دادن کمترین هزینه بیشترین آگاهی رو در سطح جامعه ایجاد کنیم… ما می تونیم روز ۲۲ خرداد بریم فقط تو خیابون راه بریم لازم نیست حتما شعار بدیم یا درگیر بشیم…ما که نمی خواییم همین فردا انقلاب راه بندازیم که فقط به کارای چریکی فکر کنیم.. اگر تعدادمون زیاد بود شعار هم میدیم . مهم شرکت ما هاست ، فرصت ۲۲ خرداد از نباید از دست بدیم ..ء
” ما بیشماریم” برای من شعار نیست ، بهش ایمان دارم . اجازه حکومتی هم که قبولش ندارم اصلن برام مهم نیست ، مجوز ۲۲ خرداد ما خون سرخ شهدا.

ما شنبه ۲۲ خرداد میریم ، شما هم خواستید بیایید، منتظرتون هستیم

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