Disciplinary action taken against Elm O Sanaat University students who attended the ceremony for martyr Kianoosh Asa on June 2nd


Disciplinary action against Elm O Sanaat University Students who attended the event commemorating the one year anniversary of the martyrdom of Kianoosh Asa.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2010

The Green Students at Elm O Sannat University – Last week the students at Elm O Sanaat University gathered on June 2nd, to commemorate the first year anniversary of the martyrdom of Kianoosh Asa. As of yesterday and today, the university security forces have begun taking away the student IDs and recording information regarding students who attended these ceremonies, upon their entrance onto campus. Agents from the University’s Disciplinary Committee then contacted these students at home requesting that they appear at the Committee for Specific Affairs, in order to pick up their summon papers. In addition, there are unconfirmed reports indicating that 14 female students have been expelled from the women’s dormitories.

Source: Face Book Green Students of Elm o Sanaat University

پس از برگزاری مراسم سالگرد شهادت کیانوش آسا،نیروهای حراست دانشگاه علم و صنعت طی دیروز و امروز کارتهای دانشجویی دانشجویان را هنگام ورود به دانشگاه ضبط کزده و مشخصات آن ها را یادداشت کرده اند.مسئولین کمیته ی انضباطی بعد از این کار،با تماس با منزل دانشجویان،از آن ها خواسته اند تا برای گرفتن نامه ی احضاریه،به کمیسیون امور …خاص مراجعه کنند.همچنین گزارش های تأیید نشده از ممنوع الورد شدن 14 دانشجوی دختر به خوابگاه خبر میدهن



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